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My 2012 In Blogging: An Annual Report

To kick off the New Year, I’d like to share with you data on my blog’s activity in 2012.  Thank you WordPress for sending me the report!

This year, I had 93 posts, not bad considering I only started around July.

My busiest day of the year was November 27th with 138 views.  And my most popular post that day was I COOK: Thai Basil Chicken.  Wow!

Here are my posts that got the MOST VIEWS in 2012.

1.  Probinsya Restaurant, Davao City, July 2012

2.  I EAT: Yakimix Buffet Restaurant, Greenbelt 3, November 2012

3.  I SHOP: Human Nature (Recommended), November 2012

4.  Weekly Photo Challenge: MERGE, August 2012

5.  Nanay Bebeng Restaurant, Davao City July 2012


Some of my visitors came searching, mostly for keywords: probinsya davao, probinsya buffet davao, probinsya restaurant davao city, probinsya restaurant davao, and danglas, abra.  Wow, Probinsya Restaurant in Davao must be really really popular.  Glad to have eaten there when I went. I actually miss Davao, I wish to go back there hopefully soon.

The top referring sites in 2012 to my blog were:



All in, I had visitors from 72 countries.  Amazing!  Most visitors came from the Philippines of course, but The United States and Canada were not far behind.

My Most Commented on post in 2012 was Durian Cappuccino at Blugre Coffee, Davao City

My Top 5 Most Active Commenters:

1.  Gracie with 25 comments

2.  joe4884 with 16 comments

3.  Anarya Andir with 14 comments

4.  Irene’s Vienna with 6 comments

5.  The Wanderlust Gene with 5 comments

Thank you so much guys!

And to all my visitors this year and beyond, may you have the happiest holidays and a very healthy and prosperous New Year!  Love to all.





I REVIEW: Anatomicals Mini Haul from ASOS.com

Disclaimer: I am not in any way affiliated/given free items by Anatomicals/ASOS.com, so the following review you will read are my own comments and reactions.

I would like to mention that ASOS.com is my most favorite shopping site online.  Not only they have the best customer service, but also FREE SHIPPING worldwide.  Super win-win-win!  It’s also very  easy to order from them, simple and fast!

Earlier this month, I ordered several items from Anatomicals, which is a UK-based company with a tagline “The Company That Only Wants You For Your Body”.  I am a sucker for nice packaging, so I can say it makes a great impact when I am buying something.  I don’t know if you guys have the same principle about this aspect but that;s how I do it.

The Sleek Shall Inherit The Earth Conditioner $4.93

If you’re not a fan of weird-smelling hair products, this is not for you.  Funny thing is, my mother described the smell as something like formalin, the solution they use for dead people.  Oh no!  I describe it as herbal-y though, to be fair like dried herbal leaves.  The thing is, compared to my usual hair conditioner Cream Silk, this one is rather weak.  I don’t get that soft texture after application, instead it gets dry fast.  Will I order it again?  No.  I;d like to say I will get it again for gifting purposes but then again, why would I gift a product I do not believe in, right?

Anatomicals Help The Paw Hand Cream $4.49

I am not a big fan of this one either.  I’ve used a lot of hand creams and I can clearly say I won’t use this again.  I just don’t like the smell at all- it smells like gasoline mixed with rubber.  Yes, that’s how I honestly describe the smell.  Yes, it softens the skin but I just cannot tolerate the smell.  Wish it smelled differently.

Anatomicals Make Your Scalp Yelp! Shampoo $4.93

I love this one.  I remember the days when Head & Shoulders started their menthol shampoos, always makes your head cool and fresh.  So when I tried this one, it has the same effect so I am hooked instantly.  But will I use it on a daily basis?  Probably not.  I mean, I do not have any issues about it for now, but I still prefer my normal Rejoice shampoo.  Will I give it as a gift?  Yes.

Anatomicals Snog Me Senseless Mints $2.73

You can’t say NO to this one.  Very handy, I now take it wherever I go.  When I was in a public transpo yesterday, I shared some to my seatmate.  Yay!  I will surely order some more of this.


PS: Individual product pictures taken from ASOS.com

Beauty Box Review: BDJ Box November Unboxing

NOTE:  I am not in any way affiliated/given box for free by BDJ, so the following review you will read are my own comments and reactions.

I tell you what, I am really really addicted to anything “monthly subscription box” right now.  In the Philippines, there aren’t a lot of them (yet) and so far I only hear of beauty boxes, and about three of them- Salad Box, Glamour Box, and BDJ Box.  So far, I have only tried one, which is BDJ Box, which I am going to review on this post.  I have researched about Glamour Box, and so far the most expensive of the three, I think their monthly box price is P595 + shipping fee.  I think it’s rather expensive for me, but who knows, in the future when I have spare cash, I might try a box or two from them, as I heard they offer more upscale brands than the two.

BDJ’s way of sending their monthly box is around every last days of the month, so that means I am (excitedly) waiting for my second box from them anytime now, or maybe perhaps early January for my December box.  Hence, I will be reviewing the November box which I got early December because I signed up late.

A box costs P480 a month with free shipping, and you have the option to just buy one month, or recurring.  I think this is good, because not everyone will want to commit buying a monthly subscription right away and they can try it for one month and see if they want to continue or not.

Now off to the box…

Upon opening the box, there is card that lists all the products included , description of each, and even the price.  Now, what’s interesting is that, I will actually decode whether the box is worth the P480 fee.  Let’s see…

I was very excited when I opened it, it looks so full and well, it was indeed full of goodies.  Yay!  I am most excited about the L’occitane soaps when I saw them.  They just smell so good, I wanna eat them.  Ha!

There were 11 items in the box, plus 4 different discount vouchers from different establishments.  I think it’s a really really “worth it” box.  But let’s calculate and do the Math.

ITEM 01: Garnier Overnight Whitening Peeling Cream
Retail Value: P99 for 20ml
Sample I Got: Same size P99

The thing is, I rarely test skincare products because I have very sensitive/acne-prone skin.  But just for the benefit of it, I tried it once and I can tell it really is not for me.  I wish BDJ Box will send more makeup products than skincare products because not all customers have the same skin type.  I will be giving it instead to someone else, just so it won’t be wasted.  Anyway, it’s in full size so it’s good to gift.

ITEM 02: Calvin Klein Beauty Perfume
Retail Price: P5498 for 100ml
Sample I Got: 1.2ml spray vial P66

I love the scent of this perfume!  I am in love.  I used it on my family’s Christmas reunion party and I got good compliments from my Aunts.  Even shared it with my siblings and mother, I think I might buy a full size of this.  Thumbs up!

ITEM 03: Nippon Cleansing Sponge
Retail Value: P325 for 10-piece pack
Sample I Got: 2-piece pack P65

Admittedly, I haven’t used these yet, but I like the idea.  The card says just add water and use the moist sponge to gently wipe your makeup off.  To remove my makeup, I mainly use wet wipes that I buy from drugstores and I am very comfortable with it so no reason using other removers.  Just my little philosophy.

ITEM 04: Shiseido Extra Gentle Cleansing Foam
Retail Value: P1850 for 150ml
Sample I Got: .25oz x 2 P182

I got two sample tubes for this, and I am actually surprised and excited to receive a sample from Shiseido but unfortunately my face didn’t like it.  I tried it for 2 days and so far, it left my skin irritated and actually developed 2 big pimples while using it.  I stopped it right away and went back to my usual facial wash.  If BDJ Box will still include skincare samples on the next boxes (which I am sure they will) I hope they consider making a questionnaire for their customers to know their particular skin types, etc.  This one’s made for normal skin, and I have very oily skin.  If you’re looking into actually having the samples used and in the hope of having them bought full size, then it’s just right to send products that are actually good for the customer based on their filled skin care type profiles.

ITEM 05: Shiseido Benefiance Wrinkle Resist 24 Day Cream
Retail Value: P3100 for 50ml
Sample I Got: .18oz P328

Again, this will go into the “will not use again” category.

ITEM 06: Physiogel Hypo-allergenic Intensive Cream
Retail value: P517 for 50ml
Sample I Got: Same Size P517

Now, this is win-win!  I simply love this cream.  I mainly use it for my hands and knees.  It has no prominent smell at all and it really feels soft after application.  I guess this has the biggest value from all of the products included, I got a full sized item.

ITEM 07: Dentiste Plus White Vitamin C and Xylitol
Retail price: P395
Sample I Got: P40

I really didn’t feel much difference from normal toothpastes on this one.  It was supposed to be used nighttime before sleeping and avoid bad breath upon waking up, but in my opinion, same effects as normal toothpaste brands like Colgate.  Next.

ITEM 08: L’occitane Extra Gentle Milk Soap
Retail Value: P595 for 250g
Sample I Got: 2 x 25g P119

This is my ultimate favorite from all the items I got.  I am hooked that I am actually planning on purchasing full-size of this soap now.  The smell’s so good, and feels good on the skin too.  I noticed great effect on my back as well, felt softer and cleaner.  Good job L’occitane, you have a new customer.

ITEM 09: Yuka Non-Acetone Wipes
Retail Value: P68 for 35 Sheets
Sample I Got: Same Size P68

Really not a big fan, and I will still use my acetone + cotton balls for my nails.  It felt sticky after application and 1 sheet is not enough to remove polish from just one finger.  Next.

ITEM 10:  L’oreal Men Expert Hydra Energetic Multi-Action 8 Cleanser

There was no price listed for this item, but I am not gonna use it anyway so I guess no value.  Gotta give it to my brother instead.  Let’s see if he like it or not.

ITEM 11: Garnier Light Complete Whitening Cream
Retail Value: P229 for 50ml
Sample I Got: 3 x 8ml sachets P110

I won’t use this one as well, so no comment.

BONUS ITEMS: Gift Cards and Vouchers from different establishments

Box Fee: P480
Products Included Total Value: P1594

I therefore conclude that it really is great value buying a box for P480 and products included totaling P1594 + of course the vouchers included.  I must really say now that I am excited for my second box with BDJ.  But then again, I wish, lesser skincare items ad more makeup and perfume products.  Until next review!


PS: Individual product pictures are not mine, I grabbed them from Google Images.


Last Minute Shopping with FREE Shipping! Happy Holidays!

I have been really bad with updating lately.  I have been very busy and stressing over this and that but here I am now.  I am going to try to write more consistently, but being the Christmas season, I think I will have to hold on to that promise until next year.  Ha!  

Moving on, I know it is late for Christmas shopping and shipping now but I recently replenished my online shop with new and exciting items, so if you have time (well, gifting is not just for Christmas right?) go ahead and visit my Etsy shop Little Miss Itneg, full of ethnically handmade goodies.  And the good thing is, everything ships for FREE!  Go ahead and indulge!  Happy shopping and happy holidays everyone!

Tinalak Pencil Case $18 FREE SHIPPING

Batik Wallet $28 FREE SHIPPING

Beaded Wood Necklace $62 FREE SHIPPING

Woven Bib Necklace $58 FREE SHIPPING

Pandan Envelope Clutch Bag $40 FREE SHIPPING

Coconut Wood Hoop Earrings $25 FREE SHIPPING

Coconut Wood Earrings $28 FREE SHIPPING

I COOK: Very Easy Pasta Bolognese

https://fbcdn-sphotos-b-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/315750_4100024942277_1374052720_n.jpgSunday is LOVE.  I enjoy staying in, reading my Sunday newspaper and just spending time with the family, catching up on my newsletters, and watch some TV.  Of course, cook something good for the family.  Today’s recipe is Pasta Bolognese.

All you need:

1 pack McCormick Bolognese Pasta Sauce Mix (40g)
1/3 cup tomato sauce
1/4 kg ground beef
200g pasta (cooked according to package instructions)


1. Dissolve the sauce mix in tomato sauce. Set aside.
2. Brown meat in oil.
3. Pour in Bolognese mixture. Simmer until sauce thickens.
4. Serve over freshly cooked pasta.


Happy Sunday everyone! x

I COOK: Buckeyes NOT.

https://i0.wp.com/farm9.staticflickr.com/8345/8234997332_3a32671924_b.jpgIt was gonna be the most delicious dessert of the week- turned out I failed and was not able to achieve making a decent buckeye.  It was fun though, I guess I just need to really use the right ingredients next time- BUT it doesn’t mean it tasted bad though.  My new recipe “FAKE BUCKEYES” is actually very yummy.  My mother said so, my little boy said so, my brothers said so.  So I’m still a winner.

Happy sweet weekend everyone! x

In Love with Love With Food: 8+ NEW Gourmet Foods Delivered To You Monthly

https://i0.wp.com/media-cache-ec6.pinterest.com/avatars/lovewithfood_1327829351_600.jpgI have always been a fan of all these monthly box subscriptions– be it beauty, fashion, and my all-time favorite: FOOD.  As a foodie, one that has really surprised me lately (in a good good way) is Love With Food.  I rarely hype about my online purchases, but if it is something really worth sharing, I write about it/them.

Love With Food is a monthly food box subscription for only $10 a month (very worth it I must say) and you get around 8+ NEW gourmet foods delivered to your door.  I can’t hype more about how good I feel whenever I get these boxes over the mail.  I always get excited whenever I have a new box from Love With Food.  Now the great thing is, for every box you get from them, they will donate a meal to a hungry child.  How great is that?  You’re not only getting healthy gourmet foods for yourself but you’re also feeding one hungry child, one box at a time.  So far, Love With Food has donated around 17, 440 meals.  Wow.

Here’s an example of some of the goodness you can get when you buy/subscribe to Love With Food:







Now go ahead and subscribe, and have some new gourmet food delivered to you monthly.  And since it’s Christmas season, you have the option to also send a box/subscription to your family and friends.  A win-win Christmas gift I must say.

Get your Love With Food box here.  Go go go!  Happy holidays!

*Pictures from Love With Food website.