I SHOP: Human Nature (Recommended)

I am in love with Human Nature.  I have to admit I was skeptical at first as I rarely do online shopping from Philippine-based websites but when I eventually tried theirs, it was love at first “SUBMIT ORDER”.

Here is a list on why I am instantly addicted to Human Nature:

1.  Their website is very easy to navigate– there’s not a lot of complicated clicks here and there and ordering is very straightforward.

2.  They offer Paypal for payments, which is a big plus point for me.

3.  Orders arrive very fast.  I ordered Thursday afternoon and my package arrived Friday.  A big plus point for me.

4.  And the main qualifier for me: they have good-quality products.  I only ordered their soap and hand sanitizers so far but I already made a list of next items I will have to buy from them.  I am really hooked!

5.  And one more thing, good customer service.  I really love Human Nature.

Have to add, their products are really affordable too.

I ordered these:

First order: 100% Natural Cleansing Bar (P59.75) and All Natural Spray Sanitizer in Juicy Burst (P64.75)  The soap didn’t have a strong smell to it, and it cleans my body really well.  The Juicy Burst sanitizer on the other hand had a mix of orange-apple smell to it.  Not too strong, just the right amount of scent.

I ordered the Juicy Burst Spray Sanitizer on my first shopping, so on my second visit to their site, I bought more sanitizer, this time the All Natural Spray Sanitizer in Citrus Burst (P64.75).  Now this one has a stronger scent but I actually really really like it.  I now prefer it over the Juicy Burst.  Really good.

And more soap.

More shopping to come!  Go get your own Human Nature fix HERE.


3 thoughts on “I SHOP: Human Nature (Recommended)

  1. On a recent trip to the Philippines, a friend of mine introduced me to this product and I have to agree with you, their stuff is amazing. I have to remember to stock up next time I’m there.

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