I EAT: Spices Curry House, Port Dickson

Roti Prata RM2

Spices Curry House
No. 338, Batu 1, Jalan Pantai
71000 Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia
Tel: 06-6476690




There’s a New Fish In Town

Fish McBites from McDonalds

What a yummy Thursday surprise!  I don’t know if I mentioned this here already but (shhhh!) I am a fast food junkie.  KFC, Burger King, McDonalds- they always give me that certain glow in my eyes and the smell of chicken, fries, nuggets, burgers.  Oh my oh my.  So what a beautiful morning when I was checking my email today and I got a message from Klout alerting me of a new perk.  I opened it right away and was happy to see a great freebie from McDonalds.  I was offered $5 worth Arch Card to spend on their new offering called Fish McBites.  Yummy!

For those of you who are not familiar with Klout, it is a web-based application wherein you become a member, unlock your influences, Klout gives you score depending on your activities and influences, and then you get your Klout Perks which is the most exciting part.  I’ve received free business cards from Moo, free site memberships, watched private access TV channels, magazine subscriptions, and now free food!  The more active and influencing you are, the more perks you get.

Fish McBites

Now back to McDonalds Fish McBites.  I totally love their McNuggets so I am really excited to try this new offering from them.  Fish McBites are wild-caught Alaskan Pollock in perfectly poppable bite-sized pieces.  It’s available in 3 sizes- snack, regular, or sharable.  The snack size is $1.  Woohoo!  I guess this is a limited-time only offer so hurry up before they stop offering them.  My Arch card will be arriving soon and I am waiting excitedly for it and then hae to hurry up to McDonalds ASAP after.  Yes, that’s how desperate I am.

Looking forward to my next perk from Klout.  If you are already signed up with Klout, don’t forget to add me there too, alrighty?  Until next yummy freebie!


*All pictures from McDonalds website

I GET PERSONAL: My New Year’s Eve Celebration, In Pictures

Pizza and flowers? Yes please.

One of a few chocolate bars gifted by our Japanese neighbor.  I love Meiji, specially the milk chocolate.  Yum yum!

Cheese pizza.

The little man of the house with his slice. 

Yellow Cab Pizza and Lay’s (super delicious- I am addicted) potato chips. Win win win!

Assorted sweets.  

Sliced bread.

The wine.

Mango Torte cake by Red Ribbon


Dunkin’ Donuts always remind me of my childhood days when my father arrives from his job every weekend and always have a box of this.  

Buttered Puto and Brownies, both from Goldilocks Bakeshop

The ham.

Lumpiang Shanghai, courtesy of my mother.

My all-time favorites:  Pansit Bihon and dinaldalem, an Ilokano specialty.  

In the Philippines, we love our spaghetti sweet.  This was a gift from one of our neighbors.  

Hotdogs and marshmallows.

Wine and sugar. Wine and sugar. Wine and sugar. My routine waiting for the New Year’s countdown.  I seriously need an intense detox right now.

Of course, the party isn’t popping without my baby girl Duli.  

I’m no good when it comes to fireworks shots, so please bear with me.

It feels great doing this.  New Year, new hopes, new aspirations, new beginnings.  


In Love with Love With Food: 8+ NEW Gourmet Foods Delivered To You Monthly

https://i0.wp.com/media-cache-ec6.pinterest.com/avatars/lovewithfood_1327829351_600.jpgI have always been a fan of all these monthly box subscriptions– be it beauty, fashion, and my all-time favorite: FOOD.  As a foodie, one that has really surprised me lately (in a good good way) is Love With Food.  I rarely hype about my online purchases, but if it is something really worth sharing, I write about it/them.

Love With Food is a monthly food box subscription for only $10 a month (very worth it I must say) and you get around 8+ NEW gourmet foods delivered to your door.  I can’t hype more about how good I feel whenever I get these boxes over the mail.  I always get excited whenever I have a new box from Love With Food.  Now the great thing is, for every box you get from them, they will donate a meal to a hungry child.  How great is that?  You’re not only getting healthy gourmet foods for yourself but you’re also feeding one hungry child, one box at a time.  So far, Love With Food has donated around 17, 440 meals.  Wow.

Here’s an example of some of the goodness you can get when you buy/subscribe to Love With Food:







Now go ahead and subscribe, and have some new gourmet food delivered to you monthly.  And since it’s Christmas season, you have the option to also send a box/subscription to your family and friends.  A win-win Christmas gift I must say.

Get your Love With Food box here.  Go go go!  Happy holidays!

*Pictures from Love With Food website.

I EAT: Tuscano Italian Wood Oven Pizza

This is rather old entry, since I have been slacking lately for a decent post.  I have been really busy lately and I can’t find a decent time to sit down and have a long love affair with my computer.  If I am not out hustling, I am mostly home busy cooking and spending time with my little boy (who’s doing really well at school I am happy).

The meal started with some bread and some Italian coolers.

Tuscano Italian Wood Oven Pizza, or simply Tuscano, is located in my favorite area in Metro Manila:  Fort Bonifacio.  I swear, I really have to find that rich man and I have to hypnotize him, into buying a condo unit in the vicinity.  Ha!  I feel so at home whenever I am there, and last Friday, I had to pick up a cute lamp I ordered online in the same area, and then tried the peppermint mocha frappuccino over at Starbucks, Fully Booked.

Anchovy aglio olio pasta.  I was not impressed with this one.  It was too salty for my taste.

The cheesy bacon and beef pizza was just so so.  I ended up taking home leftovers as my Aunt did not even finish her share.

Overall, I give it 6 out of 10.  I actually find the place quite nice, and cozy- but they have to elevate their food if they want more customers to go back.  They have promos every now and then so check out their Facebook page to keep updated.

GF-3 The Fort Residences 30th St.cor. Padre Burgos Circle, Bonifacio Global, 1105 Taguig

I EAT: SumoSam, Shangri-la Mall

There comes a time in my life when I really crave for a particular cuisine: sometimes Italian, most of the time Thai or Singaporean, and these days, Japanese.  Feed me Japanese any day and we will be instant best friends.

Enter SumoSam.  I’ve always wanted to dine here, so when an old high school classmate wanted to meet up, I told her right away we should go to SumoSam.  There are about 14 branches of the restaurant all over the Philippines now, and the particular one we went to was in Shangri-la Mall, Ortigas Center- one of my most favorite areas in Metro Manila.  Particularly, I also love Shangri-la Mall because it is not too crowded and always a pleasure when I go there.

Please pardon me as I already forgot the names of the food we ordered.  I feel so bad now.  But I remember my friend having chicken, while mine was beef.  A plate of this costs around P300, and the food was really really good.  We both enjoyed it.  Good job Marvin Agustin.

I think my drink was called Berry Blossom (P138).  It was so delicious.  I really really like it.

And some California Maki which was also very yummy.

I’d definitely go back to SumoSam.  I can’t wait to try their other offerings, and I promise I will make it a point to remember the names of the food next time.

Shangri-la Plaza Mall
6/F Shangri-La Plaza Mall-Gourmet Walk, EDSA
Wack Wack, Mandaluyong
(02) 637-5704