Oscars 2013: The HOTs

I wasn’t able to watch the Oscars live last night but hey, there’s always that endless stream of online updates from different news sites.  Before you know it, a Youtube full show video will pop up anytime soon and I am just gonna look forward to that.  For now, the fashion showcase.

Let’s do The HOTS, shall we?

Jessica Chastain

I’m a big Chastain fan.  I loved her being Celia Foote on the movie The Help, and I certainly agree with her red carpet choices.  This is simple elegance .  Love her hair and makeup too.  Lovely!

Jennifer Lawrence

I simply love this girl’s outfit.  Although I haven’t seen any of her movies yet, I must say that she knows how to play the red carpet.  I have seen her gowns from past award shows and she really is consistently winning it- both the acting awards and the fashion.

Anne Hathaway

When she went for the shorty, I noticed her more- her fashion sense, her aura.  This woman is becoming more and more of a fashion icon.  I wish I can carry that hairstyle well- I guess I need to lose weight to win this look.  Fab!

Jennifer Hudson

You go girl!  Werq them bangs, werq them curves.

Samantha Barks

I don’t know her but I adore the simplicity of her Valentino black gown.  Winner!

Maria Menounos

When I see Maria Menounos, I think of Giuliana Rancic, and when I see Rancic, I think of Menounos.  Anyway, I love her hair, and the simple pink gown.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Oh my, oh my.  He’s looking great, oh my, oh my.

Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts

Two things:  I am jealous of Naomi Watts for having Schreiber as a partner.  But at the same time, I also super love this couple.  Okay, I am jealous some more.

Bradley Cooper and his mom.

Bradley Cooper, please marry me!  We can do it Vegas style and divorce the day after.  Just please marry me.

Chris Evans

I love you long time Captain America!

Jamie Foxx and Corinne Bishop

Not a Jamie Foxx fan, but his daughter?  She’s beautiful!  If I didn’t read the label, I’d mistake them as a couple.

Daniel Day-Lewis and Rebecca Miller

I admit, I have a crush on Daniel Day-Lewis.  He remind me of Matthew Fox, the older version.

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck is someone I initially didn’t like before.  But as he age, he’s becoming hotter and hotter.  Don’t you all agree?

Paul Rudd and Julie Yaeger

Paul Rudd.  I love you.




I REVIEW: Birchbox February 2013

My February 2013 Birchbox

I have to mention that I am a little disappointed with my Birchbox this month.  There were two inappropriate samples that’re included- don’t get me wrong, I love love love chocolates but I can subscribe to a food box if I want to eat.  I still do not understand the reasoning why they have to include chocolate, and a disadvantageous headband.  No, no, no!  I am just glad that they’ve included fragrance sample by Nicole Richie and a nail polish from Color Club.  The remaining item, a facial exfoliator by Vasanti, I cannot use it right now because I am on a certain facial care routine and I don’t want to mess that up especially it’s doing well on my skin.  Like they say- if it ain’t broken, no need to fix it!

My final verdict?  I am giving Birchbox another month and if I do not see improvement, then I think it is time to move on.



My Current Stress Reliever: HULU Plus

My LOST Addiction. Thank you HULU!

As far as movies and TV shows go, Hulu surely takes the lead.  With thousands of titles to choose from,  you are going to have a hard time choosing which one to watch first.  At least that was the case for me.  You can browse by network, by genre, popular picks, etc- and I am really impressed with the variety of choices- and the best part is, they are now streaming Criterion films as well.  Win-win-win!  For the past few days, I find myself sleeping later because I just ca’t stop watching Season 1 of Lost.  Admittedly, this is my first time to see the series- and come to think of it, this was made way back in 2004.  I waited 9 long years to finally see it and it was a right decision indeed.  I am now about to start watching episode 23 and I just cannot wait until they open the vault!

Going back to Hulu Plus, it lets you watch any current season episode of Modern Family, The Office, New Girl and many more popular shows from your laptop, on your gaming consoles, tablets, and many other connected devices.

The good news is, you can try Hulu Plus for free. If you sign up now using my referral link (THIS ONE), we will both get 2 weeks free!    How fun is that?  So sign up now!  Don’t worry, you are free to cancel anytime and monthly fee is super affordable at $7.99 -another reason not to think of that cancellation after all.  I guarantee you, it is all worth it!


I REVIEW: Mir & Ryvi Skin Lightening Papaya Soap

Before I begin, I would like to mention that I am not in any way looking to “lighten” my skin but Mir & Ryvi offers organic products so I took the opportunity to try their papaya soap.  These days, I find myself more and more into organic products and I think that’s a very good thing.  I always mention how much I love companies who make the effort to produce organic products, and that for me is win-win-win!

When it comes to bar soaps, I want something that will not really make my skin dry and rough in the end- I want something that will moisturize, will make my skin smooth, that feeling of softness once you apply your lotion after you shower.  That is always a must for me.  And that is why I love Mir & Ryvi’s Papaya Soap.  My experience with organic bath products is that they don’t really bubble much, instead focusing on giving your body that much needed vitamins.  I almost can compare it with L’occitane Milk Soap- they both have that same effect on your skin and at the same time, what I really love is that the soap really lasts long unlike mass-produced bar soaps, after a couple of uses they’re gone gone gone.  Smell wise, I really cannot recognize the papaya part of it- or maybe because *I think* they use the green one instead of the orange.  But that is not a bad thing at all, I love the soft smell of it, it’s the softer version of L’occitane Shea Butter Milk Soap.  Yummy!

From the website:

Skin Lightening Papaya Soap
Exposure to UV radiation and other pollutants can make skin dull and dark. Our skin lightening bar naturally helps make a fairer skin. Papaya enzymes work as exfoliator. Our mulberry extract, sourced from the Jeju Island, has been clinically proven effective in inhibiting the tyrosinase activity on the skin. Tyrosinase activity is responsible for melanin production that, in turn, darkens skin. The mulberry extract is highly potent yet very gentle. Our soap naturally makes skin fairer without the side effects of hydroquinone.

Organic Papaya
• natural exfoliator
• rich in skin vitamins such as A, E and C
• age-old skin practice in the Philippines in lightening one’s skin

Mulberry Extract
•clinically proven effective in inhibiting the production of melanin
• effective for natural treatment of hyper pigmentation
• non-irritant

Vitamin B3
• proven effective as skin lightening

Combination of Vitamin E and other essential oils

• skin moisturizer
• supports the skin renewal, leaving a healthy skin inside and out
• helps in achieving a glowing skin

Like mentioned, I really am not after the whitening effect of it, but I just love this soap and I will definitely order it again.  

Final Verdict: YES.
More INFO here.


Right Now I’m… Watching The Taste: Tuesday at 8|7c on ABC

Hello everyone!  Did you all have a great weekend?  Mine was spent eating cinnamon and cheese breads, while watching the Grammys replay on cable.  Rihanna looked amazing that night!  I totally adore her hair- she looked like a doll.  Performances by all of the artists were really good too- Justin Timberlake was right, I think it is the best Grammys so far.  I also watched Topshop AW 2013 live from their website.  I must say that was a nice collaboration they had with Google- very interactive  Good job Topshop!

Now off to your weekly dose of Right Now I’m…

1.  Clicking on… Vitacost.com  -I love love love the super affordable value sets on this online health store.  I have ordered from them in the past and I am certainly hooked.  They also have a very good referral program wherein every person you refer that buys from the site for at least $30, you will receive $10 + $10 for the person you referred.  How great is that?  If you are interested, you can go ahead and use my referral link HERE and let’s earn some money together.  With your $30, I tell you- you can already buy tons of good deals with that amount.  Make sure you subscribe to their newsletter so you won’t miss on exciting sales and promotions.

2.  Following… @TheTasteNBC, the Twitter account of ABC’s new show The Taste starring Anthony Bourdain, Ludo Lefebvre, Nigella Lawson & Brian Malarkey!  It is a new cooking competition show, that is literally all about taste!  I am not a big fan of Bourdain anymore but I am thrilled that Nigella Lawson is part of it- makes more tolerable to watch the show.  I love watching everything that has to do with food, and this is really a good opportunity to satisfy that craving.  It also has an interesting twist to it wherein judges don’t really know which contestant cooked what they’re eating.  It’s like “The Voice Food Edition”.  Ha!  It airs every Tuesday at 8|7c on ABC.

3.  Thinking about…  adding a new category in my blog keeping track of what I wear and I will name it “I DRESS UP”.  But I really am not sure if I can commit to it and will actually make effort to do it on a regular manner.

4.  Listening to…  Blown Away by Carrie Underwood.  I love Carrie Underwood, period.

Sony BDP-S590 3D Blu-ray Disc Player with Wi-Fi

5.  Saving for…  a new Bluray player with WIFI.  I just signed up for a new membership with Disney Movie Club and my brother just got a new HDTV.  It will be nice to watch some good shows and movies while having some popcorn or potato chips.  Yum!

7.  Excited about… attending Mosaic Music Festival in Singapore this March.  Super duper excited for this and will be a great chance to catch up with friends who are based in the Lion City.  Besides that, SG is also one of my most favorite destinations ever so it will be nice to be there again.

What are you excited about my lovely readers?



The Beauty of Beautysak.com

I have always been a fan of Beautysak.com – from 2006 when I discovered it, until now that they have fully evolved into a beautiful shopping mecca, I remain one of their avid fans.  For one, I love receiving their newsletters because I am always in the know of the new products they offer, and of course, the contests and the exciting sales.  As a beauty enthusiast, that is always a plus point because not only you are given advantage of knowing sales and new products beforehand, but you are also given the chance to experience new and innovative offerings.  Win-win-win right?

When you visit Beautysak.com, you notice that the website is clean and fresh- no annoying pop-ups here and there, very informative product information, and you are always assured of great service when you shop with them.  One great thing that I really love about them is the chat feature- you can talk to an agent while browsing the site and you are free to ask questions if you have any and that always mean personalized service for me.  I love that.  I also love reading the Beautysak Blog to keep up with the latest beauty and skin care trends.

I think it is also worth mentioning that they carry one of my favorite brands ever, Kai– so that is always a good thing for me.  I love Kai and I always make sure to buy either the travel set or the perfume oil from them.  I simply love how it smells and it is my ultimate “I love this day” scent.  Also, if you are not ready to commit, you can purchase a sample vial which is only $3 compared to the $4 price from the other websites.  They also have a “Best of Allure” section, wherein you can buy products that have been mentioned in Allure magazine, and of course, the SALE section- everybody’s favorite.

But let’s not forget my most favorite part of shopping: the free samples.  You are always assured of that when you shop at Beautysak.com, and if your order is $50 or more, you get free shipping.  Lovely!  Also, this weekend, which will be valid until February 17, they are offering a free gift of a deluxe sample from the choices below when you order $30 or more.  I’d love to have the Marula oil from African Botanicals.  Did you know that Marula oil was used by women in Africa in the past rather than water to clean themselves?  It must really be that good and I am excited to try it.