The Beauty of

I have always been a fan of – from 2006 when I discovered it, until now that they have fully evolved into a beautiful shopping mecca, I remain one of their avid fans.  For one, I love receiving their newsletters because I am always in the know of the new products they offer, and of course, the contests and the exciting sales.  As a beauty enthusiast, that is always a plus point because not only you are given advantage of knowing sales and new products beforehand, but you are also given the chance to experience new and innovative offerings.  Win-win-win right?

When you visit, you notice that the website is clean and fresh- no annoying pop-ups here and there, very informative product information, and you are always assured of great service when you shop with them.  One great thing that I really love about them is the chat feature- you can talk to an agent while browsing the site and you are free to ask questions if you have any and that always mean personalized service for me.  I love that.  I also love reading the Beautysak Blog to keep up with the latest beauty and skin care trends.

I think it is also worth mentioning that they carry one of my favorite brands ever, Kai– so that is always a good thing for me.  I love Kai and I always make sure to buy either the travel set or the perfume oil from them.  I simply love how it smells and it is my ultimate “I love this day” scent.  Also, if you are not ready to commit, you can purchase a sample vial which is only $3 compared to the $4 price from the other websites.  They also have a “Best of Allure” section, wherein you can buy products that have been mentioned in Allure magazine, and of course, the SALE section- everybody’s favorite.

But let’s not forget my most favorite part of shopping: the free samples.  You are always assured of that when you shop at, and if your order is $50 or more, you get free shipping.  Lovely!  Also, this weekend, which will be valid until February 17, they are offering a free gift of a deluxe sample from the choices below when you order $30 or more.  I’d love to have the Marula oil from African Botanicals.  Did you know that Marula oil was used by women in Africa in the past rather than water to clean themselves?  It must really be that good and I am excited to try it.



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