I REVIEW: Birchbox February 2013

My February 2013 Birchbox

I have to mention that I am a little disappointed with my Birchbox this month.  There were two inappropriate samples that’re included- don’t get me wrong, I love love love chocolates but I can subscribe to a food box if I want to eat.  I still do not understand the reasoning why they have to include chocolate, and a disadvantageous headband.  No, no, no!  I am just glad that they’ve included fragrance sample by Nicole Richie and a nail polish from Color Club.  The remaining item, a facial exfoliator by Vasanti, I cannot use it right now because I am on a certain facial care routine and I don’t want to mess that up especially it’s doing well on my skin.  Like they say- if it ain’t broken, no need to fix it!

My final verdict?  I am giving Birchbox another month and if I do not see improvement, then I think it is time to move on.




2 thoughts on “I REVIEW: Birchbox February 2013

    • Ditto. Filler it is. Just interested in my points now- once I get enough and can buy a decent item from them, I am out. If they stay the same like that for next month, it’s buh-bye time.

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