Good morning Kuala Lumpur!

Kopi time.
Petaling Street, KL Malaysia


Sleepless Saturday with a hint of Mexican and caffeine.

Yesterday, I made the mistake of drinking regular caffeinated coffee rather my doctor-plugged decaf coffee.  To make things worst, I had a buffet of Mexican food and that fatty Chinese noodles after.  Ugh!  I feel sooooo guilty right now.  I ended up having a messed up sleep last night, but in spite of these reflux triggers, I guess in a way, I still feel happy because together with the caffeine keeping me awake last night is the idea of a bright tomorrow, a glossy future.  And together with the excitement are of course, the worries and challenges, but with a positive attitude, I can achieve this.

Only four hours of sleep and I am ready for another day.  Sunday, please be gentle!

Climbing The Peak, Hong Kong

My brother and I arrived in Hong Kong in the afternoon, it was a hot day to walk so we waited until at least the sun’s already down and walking’s more pleasurable.  After a fatty meal at a local McDonalds, we’re ready to conquer The Peak.

A lovely Middle Eastern family friendly enough to allow me take a picture of them.  Whenever I travel, I actually find our Middle Eastern friends really welcoming.  And they have the best food ever.

The line was actually very long, we waited for about 30 minutes before we were able to get in the train.  I guess because it is late in the afternoon already and people prefer to climb up there when it’s cooler and dark.  More romantic for our couple friends, and those who are looking for romance of course.

My brother had a blast here.

The perfect view from up there.  In a way, as an amateur photographer- I feel proud of these pictures.  I only see these type of photographs in travel magazines and now I have my own personal shot of the famous sight in Hong Kong.

Doraemon is also at The Peak.  Bought several of these shirts, I am a big fan of this Japanese anime and it’s always a pleasure watching episodes on TV.  Brings back beautiful childhood memories.

I think it is only proper to end this post with a legendary Hong Kong icon, Bruce Lee.  They have a Madame Tussauds up there, but we didn’t really bother going inside.  They have several popular celebrities posted outside of the museum, so why still bother going in, right?  

Some basic info about The Peak, Hong Kong:

The Peak, Hong Kong
Entrance Fee: HK$40 RT for adults, HK$65 RT with access to the Sky Terrace 428

*I suggest you go early in the morning (they open 7AM) or go late in the afternoon to avoid the heat.  And enjoy the view while you’re up there!

More of Hong Kong

I never really used the wi-fi on this stall, but my brother and I got lost on our first day in Hong Kong and took the time snapping pictures along the way.

I hate to admit it, but yes indeed- I do eat fast food even when I travel abroad.  And in fact, McDonalds was my first taste of Hong Kong.  What I love about McDonalds is that for every country, they have at least one unique item on their menu that is distinctively local.

I love hotel toiletries, and I always make it a point that I hoard the bathroom goodies when I check-in.            🙂  That’s just me.  And when I get home, I end up not using them anyway and are all stored in a special box.  The hotel where we stayed was called Hotel Jen, but I heard it is now the Traders Hotel Hong Kong.

This is one of the things I love about Hong Kong.  The busy sidewalk stores, selling medicines and all- and the even busier locals selling their wares.

The view from my hotel rooftop.  Amazing!