New Beauty Box Subscription Alert!

And it’s called the Blush Mystery Beauty Box.  I am actually very excited about this because I am a loyal customer of, which is a part of and they have really good product selections and exciting offers.  The amount of the box per month is $24.95 and you get $100 worth of beauty products.  Now, that is exciting!  If you don’t want to commit, you can also buy a single box which will cost you $34.95.  I say I will give this one a try.

From the website:

Love beauty products? Join the club to sample the latest and greatest products in skin care, hair care and makeup handpicked by a team of beauty pros!
  • Each month, we’ll be offering a different blush Mystery Beauty Box, featuring mostly full- and (some) travel-size products worth at least $100.
  • Products are handpicked by our panel of beauty experts, so you know you’re getting only the best.
  • Enjoy a Free Gift with your Beauty Box + Free Shipping all the time!



I SHOP: My Sephora Mini-Haul

Hello everyone!  How’s your weekend going?  I’m spending mine at home with the family, and today, Sunday- I am thinking of having some KFC chicken for dinner.  Yum yum yum!  Sundays usually mean indulge day for me especially when it comes to food and it is the day I do not restrict myself from eating whatever I want to eat.  Hint: the bad foods (junk food, fatty foods, caffeine etc.)  Besides these, I am also busy discovering what’s been included in my recent Sephora shopping spree from not so long ago.  Well, not really a big shopping spree but I just needed to use my Beauty Insider privileges and I have been slacking on that for a long time, so I forced myself to order something to make sure I don’t miss out on the tempting goodies on offer.  So let’s find out more what was included in my package:

1.  Sephora Collection Gloss Lab (now out of stock)  I’ve given the most of it to my mother and my sister in law and several I’ve put in my box as future gifts to beautiful friends.
2.  MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Microperfecting Primer (Sample)  This brand I haven’t tried yet so let’s start it with their primer.  The full size retails for $34.
3.  Lady Gaga FAME Perfume (Sample Vial) I am actually surprised with the scent- it smells quite similar to Tom Ford’s Black Orchid, but only a little softer.  I might buy a full size bottle.  Retail price $55 for 1.7oz
4.  Marchesa Parfum D’EXTASE (Deluxe Sample) The scent reminds me of Tommy Girl, but only more sophisticated.  $85 for 1.7oz
5.  KATE SOMERVILLE CytoCell™ Dermal Energizing Treatment (Deluxe Sample)  One of them “cannot afford beauty brands” I wanted to try, and very happy to have a deluxe sample from them.  $150 for 1.7oz bottle (Gosh, that’s already the price you pay for one huge package going to the Philippines).
6.  Fresh Sugar Kisses Mini Lip Duo -This was my birthday gift from Sephora.  I love Fresh, and I definitely love these duo.
7.  Kat Von D Poetic Perfume I did not expect this to smell so good.  It has a vanilla scent to it which I totally adore.  I think I will always loe anything with vanilla scent on them.  Yummy!

This is what I love about Sephora.  They’re rich on pampering customers with freebies, but I wish shipping is free whatever amount you spend from their website, like Nordstrom.  That’s the only thing I don’t like from them really, you have to spend at least $25 to avail of the free shipping and most sample codes.  Anyway, I still love Sephora and will love them for a long long time.


My Dillard’s Shopping Spree

I am definitely a dress girl.  No doubt about that.  So when I heard about an exciting SALE at Dillard’s, I made sure I had the date on alarm to make sure I didn’t miss it.  And boy did I shop!  Majority of my purchases are from a label called Teeze Me, which I simply love the designs of their dresses, and I think I have enough outfits for the next few months.

Any shopping trips for you lately?  What did you buy?  You can share them to me via comments below.  🙂  Happy Monday everyone!


Last Minute Shopping with FREE Shipping! Happy Holidays!

I have been really bad with updating lately.  I have been very busy and stressing over this and that but here I am now.  I am going to try to write more consistently, but being the Christmas season, I think I will have to hold on to that promise until next year.  Ha!  

Moving on, I know it is late for Christmas shopping and shipping now but I recently replenished my online shop with new and exciting items, so if you have time (well, gifting is not just for Christmas right?) go ahead and visit my Etsy shop Little Miss Itneg, full of ethnically handmade goodies.  And the good thing is, everything ships for FREE!  Go ahead and indulge!  Happy shopping and happy holidays everyone!

Tinalak Pencil Case $18 FREE SHIPPING

Batik Wallet $28 FREE SHIPPING

Beaded Wood Necklace $62 FREE SHIPPING

Woven Bib Necklace $58 FREE SHIPPING

Pandan Envelope Clutch Bag $40 FREE SHIPPING

Coconut Wood Hoop Earrings $25 FREE SHIPPING

Coconut Wood Earrings $28 FREE SHIPPING

I SHOP: Human Nature (Recommended)

I am in love with Human Nature.  I have to admit I was skeptical at first as I rarely do online shopping from Philippine-based websites but when I eventually tried theirs, it was love at first “SUBMIT ORDER”.

Here is a list on why I am instantly addicted to Human Nature:

1.  Their website is very easy to navigate– there’s not a lot of complicated clicks here and there and ordering is very straightforward.

2.  They offer Paypal for payments, which is a big plus point for me.

3.  Orders arrive very fast.  I ordered Thursday afternoon and my package arrived Friday.  A big plus point for me.

4.  And the main qualifier for me: they have good-quality products.  I only ordered their soap and hand sanitizers so far but I already made a list of next items I will have to buy from them.  I am really hooked!

5.  And one more thing, good customer service.  I really love Human Nature.

Have to add, their products are really affordable too.

I ordered these:

First order: 100% Natural Cleansing Bar (P59.75) and All Natural Spray Sanitizer in Juicy Burst (P64.75)  The soap didn’t have a strong smell to it, and it cleans my body really well.  The Juicy Burst sanitizer on the other hand had a mix of orange-apple smell to it.  Not too strong, just the right amount of scent.

I ordered the Juicy Burst Spray Sanitizer on my first shopping, so on my second visit to their site, I bought more sanitizer, this time the All Natural Spray Sanitizer in Citrus Burst (P64.75).  Now this one has a stronger scent but I actually really really like it.  I now prefer it over the Juicy Burst.  Really good.

And more soap.

More shopping to come!  Go get your own Human Nature fix HERE.