My New Review Grading System

More products to review, more FUN!

As days and weeks go by, I noticed I have more readers, and visitors coming to my site looking for particular product reviews, so I think that in addition to my personal experiences with a certain product or service, I am going to add a new grading system, which will be very simple and benefit readers if they want to buy and try the product as well.

First is the FINAL VERDICT part.  I will grade products into 3 simple categories:  Yes.  No.  Maybe.

YES:  This will be my grade if I really liked the product and will plan on buying it in the end.  It’s my perfect score and it means I am totally satisfied with it.  Totally worth sharing, and worth using!

NO:  Certain factors will lead me in grading a product with a NO.  It can be the price, or the fact that I am not satisfied with it, and majority will be because it had negative effects while using it.  There’s nothing worst than a product that will break you, instead of make you.  Agree fellow curious and conscious consumers?

MAYBE:  This will be for items that I think needs further evaluation- perhaps the sample given to me was not enough and I think that I need to dig in some more in order for me to actually get a good grip of it’s offerings.  I might end up doing a personal purchase and do a sampling some more.

And second, if and only available- I will be adding a BUY and/or MORE INFO links to a finished product review and a chance for you, my dear readers to know more about them as well, and perhaps make a purchase and try them too.  Sharing is fun and I expect you to give me a heads up as well of your new discoveries and if you feel that I might be interested in them, please don’t hesitate to message me.

That’s all for now.  Happy reading and happy shopping!


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EAT: Chef Laudico’s Bistro Filipino

I called Bistro Filipino two days prior to my visit just to make sure I don’t end up waiting to be seated when I get there.  For months now, I have been wanting to pay a visit and experience Chef Laudico’s fare.  Thankfully, one of the best provider of discounted vouchers in the Philippines, Deal Grocer, offered a 4-course promo for Bistro Filipino and it seemed to me like a good deal, so I purchased it.

Now back to my visit.  The voucher was valid for around lunch time, and I arrived at the restaurant around 1PM, the time I mentioned to the guy on the phone two days ago.  When I entered the restaurant, a man in barong Tagalog greeted me and I told him I had a reservation for that day.  He then went to look for my name  but surprisingly my name wasn’t listed.  I wasn’t really pissed off or something, but I expected that when I called, they will actually put me on the reservation list- well, that’s normally how it happens anyway, right?  I ended up not having a seat inside because it was full-packed and well, there was one available spot but according to them “it was reserved also”.  But because I went there on my usual nice self, I just opted to sit outside and I waited there patiently until a waiter came and took my order.

The first course, appetizer was delivered to me personally by Chef Laudico himself.  I was on the phone when he came out I had to tell my friend to call me back because I just needed to take a picture of Chef Laudico.  He was even explaining to me about the food but my attention was on taking pictures of him I ended up not paying attention to what he’s saying.

I think this was called Wagyu Salpicao.  It was good, from the three appetizers, this was my favorite.

Sisig baskets.

Tuna kilawin.  Not a big fan of this.

The salad was actually good too.  I forgot the name.

For my main course, I chose Adobo Trilogy- a combination of duck, pork, and Wagyu meat with vegetables.  On the menu, the rice was supposed to be sticky, but I am not a big fan of sticky rice so I opted for a regular rice instead.  I find the glaze salty, well if there was more rice serving maybe the saltiness of the glaze will be at least eliminated perhaps.  The meat were really good anyway.

Dessert trio:  Halo-halo sherbet, Chocolate molten cake, and Maja Blanca cheesecake.  They were all so yummy, I can’t choose a favorite.

In overall, I really can’t say it was the best experience.  The service was so slow, I had to wait around twenty minutes after finishing each course before new food arrives.  And the iced tea that was actually part of the package I ordered did not even make it to my table.  Sigh.  You see, as a restaurant visitor, I am very attentive to details, service.  Of course, the food, that’s given but together with that is how you satisfy your customer in general.  It adds up to the whole package.  I even remember Chef Laudico telling me he will have someone put an electric fan outside for me, but all throughout the time I was there (around almost two hours) there was no sign of electric fan. Thankfully it was not very hot outside.  You see, I am a very patient person.

I might go back again- especially for the desserts.  They’re really really good in fairness.  But I hope the service will be better next time.

Chef Laudico’s Bistro Filipino
G/F Net2 Building, 28th Street cor 3rd Avenue,
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

Sleepless Saturday with a hint of Mexican and caffeine.

Yesterday, I made the mistake of drinking regular caffeinated coffee rather my doctor-plugged decaf coffee.  To make things worst, I had a buffet of Mexican food and that fatty Chinese noodles after.  Ugh!  I feel sooooo guilty right now.  I ended up having a messed up sleep last night, but in spite of these reflux triggers, I guess in a way, I still feel happy because together with the caffeine keeping me awake last night is the idea of a bright tomorrow, a glossy future.  And together with the excitement are of course, the worries and challenges, but with a positive attitude, I can achieve this.

Only four hours of sleep and I am ready for another day.  Sunday, please be gentle!