I REVIEW: Australian Bush Flower Essences Replenishing Night Cream

I can really say now that I should be an official model/ambassadress for Australian Bush Flower Essences.  Every product from them that I have tested were all totally worth it- and I am proud and happy to say that I have been privileged to use such amazing green products from a respectable company.  It’s an overall package- they don’t really just have effective products but it is also worth-mentioning that ABFE has the most accommodating staff ever.  They’d answer to every inquiry I make and in a very friendly manner.  Win win!

For the past two months I have been using the replenishing night cream from ABFE.  Like the previous products I have tested from them, my first impression is that it smells heavenly.  It’s like a mixture of different fresh flowers and fruits- I almost wanna eat it.  Ha!  Now I don’t really like sticky or very thick facial creams- I tend to have breakouts after using them but this one has just the right consistency, almost like a body lotion but for the face.  Also, it won’t leave your face oily afterwards which is a big plus for me.  And I am proud to say that after two months of using it, my face is clearer, noticeably firmer skin and less pores.  I am really happy of the results that I will be buying one for my mother as well.  Yay!

For best results, I recommend you using it after applying ABFE’s Gentle Face Wash Serum (Evening).  And once again, it is organic, which makes it a win-win-win in my book!  Thank you ABFE!  You’re simply the best!


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