Oscars 2013: The HOTs

I wasn’t able to watch the Oscars live last night but hey, there’s always that endless stream of online updates from different news sites.  Before you know it, a Youtube full show video will pop up anytime soon and I am just gonna look forward to that.  For now, the fashion showcase.

Let’s do The HOTS, shall we?

Jessica Chastain

I’m a big Chastain fan.  I loved her being Celia Foote on the movie The Help, and I certainly agree with her red carpet choices.  This is simple elegance .  Love her hair and makeup too.  Lovely!

Jennifer Lawrence

I simply love this girl’s outfit.  Although I haven’t seen any of her movies yet, I must say that she knows how to play the red carpet.  I have seen her gowns from past award shows and she really is consistently winning it- both the acting awards and the fashion.

Anne Hathaway

When she went for the shorty, I noticed her more- her fashion sense, her aura.  This woman is becoming more and more of a fashion icon.  I wish I can carry that hairstyle well- I guess I need to lose weight to win this look.  Fab!

Jennifer Hudson

You go girl!  Werq them bangs, werq them curves.

Samantha Barks

I don’t know her but I adore the simplicity of her Valentino black gown.  Winner!

Maria Menounos

When I see Maria Menounos, I think of Giuliana Rancic, and when I see Rancic, I think of Menounos.  Anyway, I love her hair, and the simple pink gown.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Oh my, oh my.  He’s looking great, oh my, oh my.

Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts

Two things:  I am jealous of Naomi Watts for having Schreiber as a partner.  But at the same time, I also super love this couple.  Okay, I am jealous some more.

Bradley Cooper and his mom.

Bradley Cooper, please marry me!  We can do it Vegas style and divorce the day after.  Just please marry me.

Chris Evans

I love you long time Captain America!

Jamie Foxx and Corinne Bishop

Not a Jamie Foxx fan, but his daughter?  She’s beautiful!  If I didn’t read the label, I’d mistake them as a couple.

Daniel Day-Lewis and Rebecca Miller

I admit, I have a crush on Daniel Day-Lewis.  He remind me of Matthew Fox, the older version.

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck is someone I initially didn’t like before.  But as he age, he’s becoming hotter and hotter.  Don’t you all agree?

Paul Rudd and Julie Yaeger

Paul Rudd.  I love you.




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