In Love with Love With Food: 8+ NEW Gourmet Foods Delivered To You Monthly have always been a fan of all these monthly box subscriptions– be it beauty, fashion, and my all-time favorite: FOOD.  As a foodie, one that has really surprised me lately (in a good good way) is Love With Food.  I rarely hype about my online purchases, but if it is something really worth sharing, I write about it/them.

Love With Food is a monthly food box subscription for only $10 a month (very worth it I must say) and you get around 8+ NEW gourmet foods delivered to your door.  I can’t hype more about how good I feel whenever I get these boxes over the mail.  I always get excited whenever I have a new box from Love With Food.  Now the great thing is, for every box you get from them, they will donate a meal to a hungry child.  How great is that?  You’re not only getting healthy gourmet foods for yourself but you’re also feeding one hungry child, one box at a time.  So far, Love With Food has donated around 17, 440 meals.  Wow.

Here’s an example of some of the goodness you can get when you buy/subscribe to Love With Food:


Now go ahead and subscribe, and have some new gourmet food delivered to you monthly.  And since it’s Christmas season, you have the option to also send a box/subscription to your family and friends.  A win-win Christmas gift I must say.

Get your Love With Food box here.  Go go go!  Happy holidays!

*Pictures from Love With Food website.


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