I GET PERSONAL: My New Year’s Eve Celebration, In Pictures

Pizza and flowers? Yes please.

One of a few chocolate bars gifted by our Japanese neighbor.  I love Meiji, specially the milk chocolate.  Yum yum!

Cheese pizza.

The little man of the house with his slice. 

Yellow Cab Pizza and Lay’s (super delicious- I am addicted) potato chips. Win win win!

Assorted sweets.  

Sliced bread.

The wine.

Mango Torte cake by Red Ribbon


Dunkin’ Donuts always remind me of my childhood days when my father arrives from his job every weekend and always have a box of this.  

Buttered Puto and Brownies, both from Goldilocks Bakeshop

The ham.

Lumpiang Shanghai, courtesy of my mother.

My all-time favorites:  Pansit Bihon and dinaldalem, an Ilokano specialty.  

In the Philippines, we love our spaghetti sweet.  This was a gift from one of our neighbors.  

Hotdogs and marshmallows.

Wine and sugar. Wine and sugar. Wine and sugar. My routine waiting for the New Year’s countdown.  I seriously need an intense detox right now.

Of course, the party isn’t popping without my baby girl Duli.  

I’m no good when it comes to fireworks shots, so please bear with me.

It feels great doing this.  New Year, new hopes, new aspirations, new beginnings.  



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