I COOK: Thai Basil Chicken

Just before you attack me with some professional cooking comments, I just want to make it clear that I am just a regular food lover who happens to now and then have the energy to head to the kitchen and cook something from my recipe book, or magazines.  That’s me.  I am very amateur in all food-sense, so please be gentle, okay?  🙂  I won’t even go ahead and list ingredients here and there, instructions 1, 2, 3, because well, main reason why I write this and have this category “I COOK” is to simply showcase you something I made, which for an amateur like me is already a source of pride.  Especially if the people I cook for loves what I made, it really brings pleasure.

I know I still need to learn more: cooking techniques, ingredients familiarization, measuring, etc.  I tend to shy away from meat right now because I am not very confident with it yet, on when it is really done and ready to eat- it’s one aspect I really have to learn more.  But as they say, experience teaches you best so I guess I just have to keep cooking and cooking and then eventually will find answers along the way.  For now, enjoy my Thai basil chicken (without the chilis because of my GERD issues).  It’s so easy to make that tomorrow, I am thinking of substituting the chicken meat with tuna and just because I wanna try it, remove the corn starch and the basil leaves with green string beans.  Let’s see how it goes.

Until then, happy eating…



4 thoughts on “I COOK: Thai Basil Chicken

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