Durian cappuccino at Blugre Coffee, Davao City

It’s surprisingly very very good. Β Highly recommended.

Blugre Coffee
Matina Town Square, Davao City


29 thoughts on “Durian cappuccino at Blugre Coffee, Davao City

      • Fun! So are you in India right now? I was supposed to go there this year but had to cancel due to health issues. 😦 But now I am better, hopefully I can push through ASAP. πŸ™‚

      • Yup, in India right now :D. Aww, hope you can make it this time. Where all are you planning to go? Maybe I can suggest some places :D. Are you in the Philippines right now?

      • Yep, I hope so too. πŸ™‚ I intend to see a lot of places actually- Kerala, Taj, Mumbai, Pushkar, etc. Places are spread out so 2 weeks might not be enough to see all that. I am frustrated. Jaja. What can you recommend?

        Yep, I am in the Philippines right now so if you intend to travel here, we can have a coffee in Manila. πŸ™‚

      • Yes indeed – the places are really spread out. You have two weeks, so maybe I’ll suggest you stick to the north or something like that. You’ll probably be flying directly to Delhi I suppose. So you can keep two days or so for Delhi, then go to Agra for the Taj Mahal. Then you might consider Rajasthan (it is also in the north). You can skip Mumbai (or maybe that’s just me being biased because I’m not so fond of it :P), but if you do plan on going there, spend less time there and head off to Goa. That’s better. You have better beaches in the Philippines than the ones you’ll find in Goa, but Goa’s good for a different kind of cultural experience. You could maybe try Madhya Pradesh – which is in Central India. Otherwise if you’re into a more nature kinda trip, you can head further north into Ladakh. I think that should be a decent itinerary for North India. If you ever come back you can check the rest. Kerala is REALLY down south so you might have to skip that one this time.
        Wow, I know I won’t be heading to the Philippines anytime soon – but if I do I’ll tell you and we can have coffee in Manila :D.
        I just realised I went on rambling about the North India itinerary. I think I might’ve made you more confused. :/

      • Unfortunately, AirAsia stopped flying to Delhi so I will have to make do with either Calcutta or Bangalore for my arriving destination. 😦 And I have no idea if I can access Delhi via these two places. Money-wise, how affordable is India? How much do I have to budget per day staying at a cheap hotel single room with food, etc? How is it traveling as a woman?

      • Ah Calcutta is like 1 to 2 days by train from Delhi. But now that you say you’re not going to Delhi via flight it becomes slightly complicated. If you’re okay with not seeing the Taj Mahal (in all honesty, there are possibly more beautiful sights in India than the Taj :P), then you can plan another itinerary.
        You will be able to access Delhi via Calcutta and Bangalore by train (which will take long, but is much, much cheaper). Flights might be really expensive but you can check before you plan to go.
        If you go to Calcutta, then Calcutta is a city worth checking out. It does have many historical sights. If you want to go to the hills, Darjeeling and Sikkim are not that far off from Calcutta. Alternatively you can hop into my state, which is Orissa (now Odisha), which is a few hours away from Calcutta (6 hrs from Calcutta to Orissa’s capital by train) and see Konark Temple (a world heritage site) and the many temples in Orissa’s capital Bhubaneswar.. It’s a very ancient city. If you’re coming through Bangalore, I would suggest going to Hampi – which is another world heritage site. I’ll do a bit of research on what else you can do in Bangalore and near it.
        India is very cheap money wise – if you don’t fall into tourist traps. Even then it is very cheap and you’ll get along very well with less than 20 dollars a day. You can get very cheap accommodation too, but the cleanliness can be questionable at very cheap places. I can check these out and let you know based on where you wish to go.
        Travelling as a woman – well it’s not great for women travellers but it isn’t that terrible either. You have to be careful though – don’t go into isolated places where there are no females – don’t walk around alone in the night. Those are just precautions – but if you don’t end up isolated somewhere, you won’t be in trouble.

      • Thank you so much for the tips and advises. I will surely contact you when I need more information. I don’t really mind train travel- I think it is adventurous. πŸ™‚ A lot of people love the convenience of fast travel but I am kind of old school and still admire long journeys. I grew up in a small town about 8 hours from the capital city so in a way, I can say I am used to it.

        Say for example, I decide to stay longer- how much is the cheapest apartment I can get in either Delhi or Mumbai?

      • Sure – feel free to contact me anytime with regard to this. Train travel is fine but I’d advise you not to take the second class sleepers (they’re not clean and I’m a cleanliness freak so I get really annoyed). Train travel can also eat up a lot of your time – otherwise you’re in luck in India that the train service is very good and you can possibly travel to any place in India on train.
        Wow, 8 hours from Manila? Where? You know my dad’s crazy about the Philippines. He’d spent a month and a half there many years ago, and he loves it.
        Hmmm, that’s a bit difficult – both Mumbai and Delhi are more expensive than other parts of the country. I’ll have to check up on that. I’m not so sure about the accommodation options in those two cities.

      • Yes, 8 hours it is. I live in a province called Abra, it’s a mountainous region and I enjoyed my childhood growing up there and traveling to Manila every summer vacation with the family. πŸ™‚ Now I try to go back there every Christmas to visit my grandfather. Where did your father travel to when he was here? We also have some Indian neighbors in my village. πŸ™‚

      • That’s interesting! I’ll have to check out more about Abra. I love mountains :D. So your grandfather lives in Manila? That’s sweet that you visit him every Christmas.
        My dad was primarily in Palawan I think. He must have visited Cebu as well.

      • Palawan I yet have to see, but I heard it’s very beautiful.

        No, my father is the one left in the province that we visit him every Christmas or sometimes he come here. We now live near Manila. πŸ™‚ How’s your place? Do you live in a city or small town?

      • I’ve heard Palawan is very beautiful too (from my father). Oh that’s nice. How is Manila?

        Well my place (rather my hometown where I’ve been living for the past 1 year) is a city but a smaller Indian city. It’s the capital of Orissa and is called Bhubaneswar. Prior to that I was in another state in India, and then before that I was in 3 other countries growing up. I have a love for all the countries I’ve lived in – so they’re all ‘my place’ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

      • Sounds fun. Which countries are these?

        Manila is very chaotic. Fast-moving, you have to really keep up. Right now though, I don’t really live in the city itself, but an hour drive in a province called Rizal- it’s very accessible to the main center. I prefer living here, because it’s more peaceful. The only downside is, when I am having cravings for fast food or something, there’s no delivery service to my area- only a mean pizza joint. Jaja. Do you rent or own your place?

      • Those countries would be Kenya, Cambodia and Zambia :). Then I think Indian cities will definitely remind you of Manila (maybe they’re even more chaotic). Hehe well at least you’re still close to Manila but far away from all the chaos.
        Since I’m now in my home state, my parents own a house here and I live with them. But outside this state I have to rent places.

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