Last Minute Shopping with FREE Shipping! Happy Holidays!

I have been really bad with updating lately.  I have been very busy and stressing over this and that but here I am now.  I am going to try to write more consistently, but being the Christmas season, I think I will have to hold on to that promise until next year.  Ha!  

Moving on, I know it is late for Christmas shopping and shipping now but I recently replenished my online shop with new and exciting items, so if you have time (well, gifting is not just for Christmas right?) go ahead and visit my Etsy shop Little Miss Itneg, full of ethnically handmade goodies.  And the good thing is, everything ships for FREE!  Go ahead and indulge!  Happy shopping and happy holidays everyone!

Tinalak Pencil Case $18 FREE SHIPPING

Batik Wallet $28 FREE SHIPPING

Beaded Wood Necklace $62 FREE SHIPPING

Woven Bib Necklace $58 FREE SHIPPING

Pandan Envelope Clutch Bag $40 FREE SHIPPING

Coconut Wood Hoop Earrings $25 FREE SHIPPING

Coconut Wood Earrings $28 FREE SHIPPING


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