Nanay Bebeng Restaurant, Davao City

You might not find dragon meat or durian salad on the menu, but you’ll find pretty much anything else that taste good in this side of Mindanao.  This Davao City mainstay has a long history of delivering mouth-watering and belly-filling buffet style chow to Davaoenos which makes me a bit jealous. The possibilities are endless—and I consider their beef steak my ultimate favorite.

So the next time you are in Davao City, don’t forget to drop by Nanay Bebeng Restaurant.  Be sure to get there on time too.  Lunch buffet stops at 2PM and dinner buffet starts at around 6PM.  I actually made the mistake of going there late in the afternoon, expecting the buffet is all-day.  So take note of the time frames, and enjoy your food when you go there.

Nanay Bebeng Restaurant
A. Mabini Street, Marfori Heights, 8000 Davao City

*Lunch buffet is around P300, while the dinner buffet is less than P400.


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