I EAT: Yakimix Buffet Restaurant, Greenbelt 3

I love love love buffets.  So when my Aunt told me we will be meeting for dinner sometime last week, I didn’t hesitate and said yes right away.  The best part is, she’s treating me and another cousin who was in the city having her training.  Happiness!

I conditioned myself prior to this.  Yes, that’s right.  I made sure I ate very minimal that day, so that in the evening in time for the buffet dinner, everything will be smooth and I can eat properly.  The main goal is: to not feel full too fast.  But seeing all the food on offer at Yakimix once we set foot, and for one, being hungry, it was indeed challenging.  I realized I should have a clearer strategy next time.  Because once we got there, I didn’t know what to eat first anymore, and well, I ended up eating fast just again and felt full too fast.  Anyway, lesson learned:  relax, slow down, don’t hurry up and enjoy each food set on the buffet table.  It also helps to pause for like 15-20 minutes after each plate and then attack again.

My first plate.  Yum yum yum!

Yakimix is very popular and most of the time, even on weekdays it’s packed.  So you have to go there early if you want to grab a good seat for dinner.  My cousin had to go there first, and she actually had to wait before her name was called as she was on the waiting list.

My cousin (the one wearing green shirt) and my Auntie (in gray dress).  And yes, that’s me wearing the white blouse.

For my second plate, I chose ones for grilling.  The crab sticks were so good actually.  I can’t wait to go back there and eat some more.  Haha!

In the middle of the table, there’s actually a grilling station.  Grill and eat all you want, baby!  The second grill batch is actually my Aunt’s, I should’ve taken some of those shrimps as well, because it’s a favorite of mine, but just thinking of peeling it and being in a public place didn’t appeal to me.  I came to the generalization that I will only eat shrimps when I am at home, when I can freely put one of my legs up on my chair while I passionately peel my share of shrimp goodness.  There.

There were about 5 or 6 stations for the buffet.  The grilling station, then there’s the cooked dishes, a salad ad fruits station, the desserts/sweets section, and the sushi center.  I asked one of the employees if I can take pictures and he said yes, and then while I was taking pictures already a waitress came to me and told me I cannot take pictures of the food.  Consistency please.  So this is the most I can show you guys.

And last but not the least, my dessert plates.  By then, I was already feeling so full.

I highly recommend Yakimix.  I actually cannot wait to go back there again.  The price is pretty affordable too.  For around P600 per head for lunch or diner buffet, I’d say it’s affordable.  But please take note:  the servers will come to you right away and ask what drink you want to get.  Just a heads up, drinks are not included in the buffet price, and you have to pay extra P200 something for unlimited serving of the drink of your choice.

Yakimix Buffet Restaurant
Greenbelt 3
3/F, Makati City