I REVIEW: Australian Bush Flower Essences Soothing Body Lotion (Evening Rose)

I am very excited for this entry because it is my favorite beauty brand that’s about to be reviewed.  I recently moved to Malaysia and Australian Bush Flower Essences were nice enough to continue sending me their products even on my new address.  And that makes me so happy.  From my recent reviews- you’ve seen me rave about their face serums, the morning body lotion and now I am privileged to try the evening rose lotion.  When I got the package I opened it right away and well, from a brand that I trust it is always a pleasure to be using another product from them.  It smells really good, and you can really distinguish the rose accent to it.  What I observed is that, the morning range of products are usually lighter in texture, and the evening serums, lotions, etc are thicker.

I have been using the lotion for almost a month now and I really love it.  It makes my skin really soft and smells really really good.  There’s a relaxing scent to it that will make you sleep better at night- which is one big thing I like about Australian Bush Flower Essences, because they formulate products that are really not just really good for the skin but also good for your wellbeing.  This lotion retails at AU$24.95 for a 100ml bottle and it lasts for up to 2 months depending on your application.  For a super effective product, it is totally worth it paying more than your regular lotion.  And the great part as always is that, it’s all-natural.  Win-win-win!

For best results, I recommend you using this together with their morning lotion.  They’re both super effective.

Final Verdict: YES!  ABFE never fails to impress me with their products and I will always be a fan.
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