Did Someone Say Free Samples?

I was at Marina Bay Sands this weekend and what better way to spend it than to visit beauty shops, try new products and request beauty samples.  Win-win-win!  Sometimes, you really don’t need beauty box subscriptions and all you need to do is just walk out of your door, head to your nearest mall and visit the beauty counters.  Don’t shy away and ask if they have new samples on offer.  The best part is, they’re free and you have the the chance to inquire more about what they currently offer, new products, etc.

I got tons of perfume samples from different high-end brands like Creed, Miller Harris, Serge Lutens, and a whole lot more skin care samples from popular and definitely favorite brands like L’occitane, Aesop, and other less popular ones that I think are also good.  The key is to be vocal about it- you cannot just go to a certain store and expect them to offer you samples right away- you have to ask for it but also make sure you don’t sound like a cheapster only after the freebies.  Make some talks, be friendly.  It’s all about being nice!



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