REVIEW BREAK: First Look at Longchamp’s Spring 2013 “You Should Be Dancing” Campaign

As part of Vogue’s Influencer Network, I get fresh updates that are not yet available to the public and that’s actually very  interesting and I am privileged to be part of this network.  Admittedly, I am not a big fan of Longchamp but I love Coco Rocha, she’s one of my most favorite models.

The new Longchamp Spring Campaign “You Should Be Dancing” will get you moving! Longchamp is back with Coco Rocha doing her kickass moves at the JFK airport.  The old TWA Terminal’s minimalistic design reflects the architectural theme of the new collection and the season’s star bags: Longchamp 3D, Gatsby Sport and LM Cuir.

Coco Rocha is set in scene as the glamorous, cosmopolitan traveler running to catch her plane, grabbing her bag from the luggage carousel, and passing through security. The good news?  Here’s an exclusive preview video before its official world debut!  Talk about VIP access eh?

The Making Of:

You Should Be Dancing
The new Longchamp Spring 2013 will get you moving! Get a sneak peak at the making of “You Should Be Dancing”

The Official Video:

You Should Be Dancing
Get dancing! Two chic travelers walk through the airport’s security gates and, as they are searched by customs officers, suddenly begin to dance to the Bee Gees’ hit “You Should Be Dancing”  How fun!


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