I REVIEW: UrgentRx Upset Stomach Relief To-Go aka The Best Discovery of the Day

New Favorite: UrgentRx Upset Stomach Relief To-Go

I have GERD and everyday, I have to take my medicine to make sure I don’t end up having issues with heartburn, bloating, etc.  It’s not fun at all, and add to that I don’t really like taking medicines especially if it’s in capsule form.  Ugh!  But I have to, or else my GERD symptoms will get worse.  Only a day or two not taking my meds will already give me crazy heartburn and gas and I certainly do not want that.  These days though, I think I am more familiar with my condition already and I rarely have gas attacks compared to when I still do not know I have GERD.  One very simple and effective solution I discovered is eating bananas- it’s my natural medicine.  I recommend all of you GERD sufferers out there to include it in your everyday diet.  Banana is very powerful.  I think everybody should be eating bananas, don’t we all agree?

And here’s another effective solution I discovered today:  UrgentRx Upset Stomach Relief To-Go.  I am very happy to have sent a sample of this.  I was having a bad case of gas earlier, I was in bed and then I realized I have a packet of this.  I read the label, opened it and wow!  It tasted really really good!  Yummy to the highest level!  Cherry flavor is the bomb!  After several minutes, my bloat is gone.  It really is that fast.  I really love the idea of having it in powdered form- and the great thing is that you can take it with or without water.  It’s very handy, you can have it wherever you go.  As a curious consumer, this is a great product that I recommend to people out there who have upset stomachs, those who suffer from GERD like me, or in extreme situations- diarrhea.  Fast acting, taste great, and do not require liquid to take them.  Just fold, tear, and pour the powder in your mouth for ridiculously fast relief!

There is another one from their product line that I really want to try:  the Heartburn Relief To-Go.  Here are the other Fast Powders from UrgentRx.

Final Verdict:  YES.  I am totally satisfied with UrgentRx Upset Stomach Relief To-Go and I am definitely buying the product.  Retail price is around $13.99 for 12 sachets.
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