Right Now I’m…

I am adding a new category to my blog.  It’s called “Right Now I’m…” which is inspired by Cosmopolitan Australia’s back cover story.  There are just so many inspiration around, and it is just a matter of slowing down and admiring them.  Small things, when embraced with passion, will always make someone happy.  So let’s get started…

My First Box from Birchbox

1.  Clicking on… Birchbox.com  -I am on my second month of subscription to this beauty box site, and I must say I am hooked.  I yet have to make a review of my first box, and I am already looking forward to what will be in store for me this month.  Beauty happiness!

2.  Following… New Beauty Magazine (@NewBeauty) -It is my new favorite magazine.  I am also thinking of joining their Test Tube sampling program because it looks exciting, but at the same time, not very affordable.  So maybe.


3.  Thinking about… Adding a new room to my house.  Lately I’ve been inspired by all things country homes, and I think that a new receiving area will be nice.  But that will require a good budget and careful planning, so it might take a while before it can happen.

4.  Listening to… Girl on Fire by Alicia Keys.  Love love love this song, it’s my current personal anthem.

5.  Saving for… My trip to Malaysia this month.  With all the expenses from the past holiday, I am freaking out a little about this whole move.  But at the same time, I am keeping a positive mindset.

6.  Obsessed with… discovering new beauty and food brands.  It is so much fun!  I am always on the hunt for new products, and always a plus point for me if the company is independent, new, and with unique offerings.  Win-win-win!

by Rhys Tate

7.  Reading… Saving Davey Gravey, a book written by my dear friend Rhys Tate.  Go buy the book when you feel like having a good fun read.  It’s currently just $2.99 Kindle edition on Amazon.

8.  Doing… A lot of product testing right now.  I am extremely honored to be reviewing different products from different companies and I certainly am enjoying this.  Passion really drives a person forward.  Having said that, I promise to be better with what I do, and looking forward to a brighter future.

9.  Excited about… Life in general, and my soon move to Malaysia.  This will be a new chapter of my life and I am embracing it with the most positive outlook.  A constant reminder that however hard life is sometimes, we must not forget to enjoy it because life can be hard, but it is so damn beautiful.

Happy Tuesday everyone!



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