I REVIEW: BC Fragrance Perfume and Lotion

BC Fragrance Perfume & Lotion

I recently was looking for new perfume brands and came to know about BC Fragrance from Bloggerdise.com, a site where bloggers and companies meet to discuss promotions, opportunities and giveaways, thus benefiting both parties.  I emailed BC Fragrance, and they were nice enough to send me 2 of their products to test and review.  After several days, my package arrived and I was excited that aside from the lotion and perfume, they also included 3 other perfume samples.  Talk about customer satisfaction.  You see, details like these are very important to me.  It makes me a happy customer.

A little background about BC Fragrance:  The company started in 2009, based in the Philippines, and has been recognized as Most Outstanding Lifestyle Perfumery by Top Brand Awards both in 2011 and 2012, and National Product Quality Excellence Best Fragrance Company, also in 2011.  With only 10 fragrances when they started, now they carry more than 300 fragrances and fragrance oils.  Amazing!

Perfumed Lotion by BC Fragrance

The first product I tested was the perfumed lotion inspired by one of my most favorite fragrances ever:  Love in White by Creed.  I personally requested for this, since I haven’t smelled Love in White in a long time.  I came to know about this perfume by Creed in 2009 when I read an article that it is Michelle Obama’s favorite perfume.  Curious, I looked online and ordered a sample from a website called ThePerfumedCourt.com and since then, it became my favorite too.  The only part that is not my favorite is the price.  It is rather expensive.  The lotion felt really soft on my skin, the smell was really good but the only thing I did not like was the packaging.  It was not very easy to dispense the lotion from the bottle and you have to really squeeze it before you can get a good consistency.  According to the label, you can layer it with perfume for a lasting effect and that really worked for me.  A 60ml bottle is P150 ($3.69), very affordable I must say.

Perfume inspired by L’eau D’Issey by Issey Miyake

The second product is a perfume inspired by L’eau D’Issey by Issey Miyake.  The nice detail about this is that there’s a personalized touch to the perfume bottle, and they actually include the name of the customer in the packaging and that for me is so cool.  It makes you feel more special.  And another great part is that, when I told them the sprayer is really not working properly, they sent another sprayer right away.  Very nice customer service indeed.  And the best part?  The smell is so much like L’eau D’Issey but a much lower price.  For a 30ml bottle, you can choose your scent and have it sent to you for only P375 ($9.21).  That is indeed very affordable!  And the scent lasts for a long time as well, which is what we all look for in our perfumes, right?

Overall, I am satisfied with BC Fragrance, both the products and the customer service as well.  It’s a win-win-win combo!  For those of you who cannot afford, or just really in tight budget and would like to try a favorite scent but turned off by the stiff price, I recommend you try BC Fragrance’s offerings.  Aside from the fact that they are very affordable, the scents really last very long too.

Final Verdict:  YES
Check out BC Fragrance here.



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