I REVIEW: V&M Minerals Mineral Eyeshadow

V&M Minerals Mineral Eyeshadow in Allure

When it comes to eye shadows, I play safe.  I tend to shy away from bright, shiny colors and always stick to either nudes or browns.  Like mentioned on a previous post, I tend to look clown-y or at least I feel I look like one when I put really bright colors on my face.  I guess it is safe to say I play very very safe when it comes to makeup.  I can tolerate the orange lips, or pink blush now and then but to do it on an everyday manner is really not an option.  But I am the type of person who always love trying out new things.  I love the thrill of immersing myself into new experiences, new lifestyles, and yes, new makeup.  We only live once and we might as well enjoy it and not restrict ourselves.  I don’t want to look back when I am older and feel bad because I didn’t do this, I didn’t do that.  I believe it’s better to regret now and then than didn’t try at all.

Okay, that’s sounding more dramatic so we move on to the subject of this post.  Well, I was given this new eye shadow for review sometime last week and I was excited and skeptical at the same time.  Excited because the color is not something I’d normally pick from the choices, and skeptical because I have no idea how I will look like once I wear it.  But as the adventure-loving Darwin that I am, I finally tried it and I must say I like the look.  It’s something I’d wear if I go out clubbing- but then again I don’t really do clubbing, so if ever, I can’t really think of enough reasons why I would buy this color.

The shade is called HALO, which is basically a light and shiny emerald color.  According to V&M’s shopping site, it is fortified with pearl powder and SPF20, and infused with Vitamin E.  There are also other color options to choose from, and I guess I will have to buy some of it because I like how this one stayed on my eyes, the only thing I didn’t really like was the color.  So yes, to be fair- I will have to make a purchase for another color or two.  A 5g jar is P145 ($3.57), very affordable for a product that works.

Wearing V&M Minerals Mineral Eye Shadow in Halo

For a little background about V&M, or Venus and Mars, as stated in their Facebook profile (I checked their website, it’s currently down for maintenance), they’re the first Emu Oil skin care line in the Philippines.  I had to look up “Emu Oil” and found out is is the oil from an indigenous bird in Australia called Emu.  Emu oil has been used in Australian aboriginal traditional medicine to treat fever, cough, etc.


In general, I am satisfied with this eye shadow but like what I have mentioned earlier, I am not a big fan of this shade, but I like how it was so easy to apply and did not smudge in my eyes.   There are fun more available color options and I am thinking of getting some of them.  The price is very affordable too.  Usually mineral makeup tend to be more expensive as well, but I am glad this one is different.  That makes me a happy customer.

Final Verdict: YES.  Super affordable, very good quality.  Win-win-win!

More INFO here.
BUY it here.

Until next time!



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