I REVIEW: Schick Hydro Silk® Razor

As a member of BzzAgent, I was sent Schick Hydro Silk® Razor and I am privileged to be part of this campaign.  I am currently using just a regular razor to shave my legs, so I am thrilled to be supplied with a new and innovative razor to test and review.  Just a little background regarding this product, it is the only razor with water-activated moisturizing serum.  And what it is you ask?  The serum hydrates your skin for up to two hours after shaving.  And another great part of the razor is something called 5 Curve-Sensing blades, to help reduce irritation.  And last year, it is also worth mentioning that Schick Hydro Silk is the most awarded razor last year.  Win-win-win!

Unlike my regular razor, I didn’t really have any issues with cuts while using it.  Instead, application was very smooth and easy- you get soft skin after, and you didn’t have to worry about irritation.  Shaving was very gentle, and that ultimately means you are also taking care of your precious skin.  Overall, I am very happy with this product and I can really see myself buying it in the future.

Thank you BzzAgent, thank you Schick!

Final Verdict:  YES!
More info HERE.



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