My New Review Grading System

More products to review, more FUN!

As days and weeks go by, I noticed I have more readers, and visitors coming to my site looking for particular product reviews, so I think that in addition to my personal experiences with a certain product or service, I am going to add a new grading system, which will be very simple and benefit readers if they want to buy and try the product as well.

First is the FINAL VERDICT part.  I will grade products into 3 simple categories:  Yes.  No.  Maybe.

YES:  This will be my grade if I really liked the product and will plan on buying it in the end.  It’s my perfect score and it means I am totally satisfied with it.  Totally worth sharing, and worth using!

NO:  Certain factors will lead me in grading a product with a NO.  It can be the price, or the fact that I am not satisfied with it, and majority will be because it had negative effects while using it.  There’s nothing worst than a product that will break you, instead of make you.  Agree fellow curious and conscious consumers?

MAYBE:  This will be for items that I think needs further evaluation- perhaps the sample given to me was not enough and I think that I need to dig in some more in order for me to actually get a good grip of it’s offerings.  I might end up doing a personal purchase and do a sampling some more.

And second, if and only available- I will be adding a BUY and/or MORE INFO links to a finished product review and a chance for you, my dear readers to know more about them as well, and perhaps make a purchase and try them too.  Sharing is fun and I expect you to give me a heads up as well of your new discoveries and if you feel that I might be interested in them, please don’t hesitate to message me.

That’s all for now.  Happy reading and happy shopping!


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