REVIEW BREAK: Adoring Duro Olowu’s Collection for JCPenney

Duro Olowu for JCPenney

For those of you who are not yet in the know, Duro Olowu is a Nigerian fashion designer based in London.  He has taken to the UK with him the adorable African prints (which I totally love) and it was in 2005 when American Vogue editor Sally Singer noticed his boho dress known as the “Duro”.  And as they say, the rest is history.

The DURO Dress

Now, fast forward to 2013- and this amazing designer is collaborating with JCPenney for a must-look-forward-to collection.  I think it is a great move for JCPenney to feature him and a good opportunity for Olowu to be known.  The collection will include women’s fashion, as well as home decors.  And items range from $10 to $100.  Here are some of my favorite looks from the collection:

“My job is not dictating to women what they should wear, it is about presenting them with beautiful options.”
Duro Olowu

*Photos from JCPenney


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