I REVIEW: LAY’s Classic aka My Most Favorite Potato Chips Ever!

Picture from IslandProvisioning.bz

PRODUCT SOURCE:  I buy and buy lots and lots of Lay’s.  That’s how I am addicted and I am making a special review post for it as well.  No free samples from Frito Lays (duh!), just some avid fan and foodie sharing her love for this delicious potato chips.

Someone please stop me!  I am sitting here, armed with a cheese burger on my left side, and some good ol’ LAY’s Classic Potato Chips on my right.  But on second thought, please don’t stop me.  This is just getting started and I am gonna sit here ’till I finish my bag of chips.  To make it more exciting, I will watch this video on how Frito-Lay makes their potato chips.

I like that they don’t use biofuels like oil, but instead use natural gas which is very eco-friendly.  Frito-Lay is a very responsible company, and that makes it all worth it to consume their products.  In my household, eating Lay’s Classic is a family affair.  Once the bags are opened, we put them in used jars of those gigantic powdered chocolate drinks, and then just go grab some when we feel like eating.  The main competition would have to be our little boy of the house.  The taste is just soooo good, very crispy, very tasty, and you can really savor real potato goodness without being overpowered by the ingredients.

How I wish Lay’s will be able to read this and in my dreams, I picture waking up in the morning with a box of Lay’s goodness in my front door.  That’d be win-win-win.  Yum!  I love you Lay’s!  Still, the classic flavor is the best but that doesn’t mean I don’t like the other ones.  I love them all really!



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