My Favorite Websites Part 1

I’m in love with the Internets!  Second to magazines, the Internet is my next favorite addiction.  There’s just so much to do online- from the obvious connecting with friends (and strangers), downloading (illegal) movies and music, watching videos on Youtube, and a whole lot more.  Put me in a boring place, but leave me a laptop and a reliable wi-fi connection and I am set.  Here, I list the websites I mostly visit any given day, in no particular order:


I can’t get enough of Reddit.  I think it’s the inner geek in me.  But beyond that, there’s just a lot on offer from this website.  For someone like me who likes sending and receiving packages, there are certain subreddits (as they call them) where you can subscribe to, or subreddits for makeup addiction, beauty box subscriptions.  And even question and answer portions from prominent and very interesting people.

2.  Raining Hot Coupons

Admittedly, I live by coupons and I love freebies, and I subscribe to this blog because she offers both of them, religiously.  There are tons and tons of freebies you can get from browsing the internet, but a lot of them are also scams- so be careful.  Raining Hot Coupons only list legitimate ones, and that’s what I love about her.  And oh, she has a Youtube channel as well, I always watch her “Mailbox Freebies” videos.  Always fun to watch those.


3.  Twitter

I get more interactive in Twitter than Facebook, and I believe that I am more active there too.  My trick is that, I do not usually follow people, what I do is look for Twitter accounts that I find interesting and then “list” them, segregate according to interests then read their updates whenever I visit Twitter.  It’s very neat, and you lessen the hassle of browsing through useless craps other people say.  Well I admit I write craps now and then too.  😉  Oh, now that we’re at it, follow me: @danielledarwin

Del Monte Kitchenomics

4.  Del Monte Kitchenomics

I visit a lot of recipe sites online, and I always end up getting hungry looking at all them food pictures.  Del Monte Kitchenomics is one of my favorites because the recipes listed are very easy, and healthy as well.


5.  Metafilter

Another information overload site for all them serious lookers like myself.  My favorite part of Metafilter is the Ask page.  Once a week (yes, once a week per member), you have the option to ask a particular question and fellow members will answer.  To be part of Metafilter, you have to pay $5 lifetime fee.  It is worth it.  I have been a member for years now.


6.  Etsy

If you love vintage and handmade shopping, then this is the website for you.  I am a seller of Etsy as well, so if you like ethnically handmade goodies, then head to my shop Little Miss Itneg, and I always offer FREE SHIPPING.



Whenever I need a dose of travel inspiration, I browse here.  It collects interesting travel articles from different websites, and every time I visit the site, I always get inspired and itch to travel some more.

How about you?  What are your favorite websites?



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