I REVIEW: Montagne Jeunesse Face Masque

Montagne Jeunesse Face Masque: Under $2/sachet

DISCLOSURE:  I received this for free as part of Influenster’s Holiday VoxBox promo for review and testing purposes.

I am very good when it comes to following labels, and I must say I read them very carefully.  So when I came to know that my Montagne Jeunesse Face Masque is for normal/dry skin, I had a little sigh moment.  I really wanted to try it but unfortunately I have very oily and very sensitive face so as much as I wanted to, I asked someone else to review it for me.  So sister-in-law to the rescue once again.

Montagne Jeunesse started 25 years ago (wow!) in the United Kingdom and have been a huge part of many girl’s lives since then.  With a huge array to choose from, their face masques are jam packed with the most delicious natural ingredients (in my case, chocolate baby) and are bursting with luscious juicy fragrances.  I had my sister-in-law used it but I made sure I was there in the process especially on the opening part because I just really, like really want to smell the chocolatey goodness.  And yes indeed, it smelled really sweet and I was jealous.

To benefit fully from this face masque, Montagne Jeunesse recommends cleaning the face with warm water only, then apply the masque evenly to face (and neck), avoiding the eyes and lips area.  Now lie back and relax and let the masque do its wonder!  Wait for 10-15 minutes (or until dry) then rinse with water, pat dry.  You can use it once a week.

According to my sister in law, she noticed that her face became dry after application, but at the same time made her skin softer.  Not sure if that is a good combo but for me, I like my skin feeling moisturized (not dry) when I apply something.  The smell was still very prominent even the process was already over and I asked her if she will buy it eventually and she said she might do it again.  Affordability is a big factor she said yes, and the fact that you use it only once a week makes it super affordable already.  Win-win-win right?  As for me, I will have to check some more on their offerings and see if there’s something more suited for my skin type.

Do you use face masks/masques as well?  Which brands have you tried and can recommend to others?  In my case, for someone with oily and sensitive skin?



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