I REVIEW: EBOOST Natural Energy Powder Drink

EBOOST in Acai Pomegranate Flavor
$28 for a box of 20 powders

DISCLOSURE:  I received this for free as part of Influenster’s Holiday VoxBox promo for review and testing purposes.

My first impression when I read this product’s description from my package is “Wow, this juice is expensive“.  But if you do the math slowly, you come to realize it is not that expensive at all.  I think what made it look not affordable for me is the fact that you get them in boxes and not per sachet so $28 sounds expensive, at least for me.

EBOOST comes in 4 flavors: orange, pink lemonade, acai pomegranate, and super berry.  And I got to sample the acai pomegranate one.  I love the unique taste of  combining acai and pomegranate together.  And smells really good too.  And it indeed gave me that energy boost I needed.  I wanted to take a nap that afternoon but I ended up feeling all energized.

Given the chance, I would like to try the super berry as well, since I cannot drink orange and lemonade due to my GERD issues.  To have a dose of EBOOST goodness from the sachet, just add 1 packet to 12 fl. oz of water and allow to effervesce.  (Yes lovelies, I actually had to Google effervesce.)  The good thing about it, especially for the health conscious- there’s no sugar added, no artificial flavors, and only 10 calories.  Win-win-win right?

Will I buy it again?  I have to admit the per-box price turned me off a little and probably a lot of the other people who find that out as well.  With all the other expenses in my life these days, $28 is rather expensive.  If there is a way for me to buy them per sachet, then that will be a lot better and I say YES I will buy EBOOST.  But for now, I’ll pass.



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