I REVIEW: Kiss Nail Dress

My Kiss Nail Dress in Nouveau

DISCLOSURE:  I received this for free as part of Influenster’s Holiday VoxBox promo for review and testing purposes.

Good morning everyone!  Still in my pajamas but very excited for the day ahead already.  I love waking up very early in the morning, which I have not done in a long time.  There’s that simple pleasure and peace you feel, when the world is just starting, and it’s so silent around you.  Oh, life’s is so beautiful.  It is not easy, but it is very beautiful.

Moving on to our spotlight of the moment:  Kiss Nail Dress.  This is world record for me  and it is worth mentioning that this is my very first stick-on nail polish/art.  I have seen a lot of these already- in Malaysia in particular, I saw a school where the students are trained to do meticulous nail paintings, and boy were they good.  I think for something like that, you have to be extremely passionate to even stay long seated while painting someone else’s nails.  But anyway, today it is so much easier to have this, without the pain of waiting for a long time before your nail art finishes.  Now, all you need is a pack of Kiss Nail Dress and in minutes, you are ready to rock some fresh and kickass nails.

But it was not that easy for me.  I had to call my regular manicurist to put the “nail dress” for me because I am afraid I will just mess it up and I waste them preciously.  So what you see in the picture right now is a product of “professional” labor.  My mistake is that I should have used some of the gold palettes as well, in between like how I did here on my previous nail art adventure.  But I still have remaining “dresses” though so will just do that next time.

Which brings me to the question:  Will I use Kiss Nail Dress again?  Maybe yes.  Maybe not.  Yes because I love how they look on my nails but only if it’s for a certain period of time, say 10 hours top!  And maybe not, because the problem is that they don’t feel too comfortable, when you wear a shirt, when you touch your hair- the tip where the nail dress ends badly interacts with whatever it comes in contact with.  It gets annoying to the point I want to remove them right away.  But a great thing about it though is that they’re super durable- I’ve washed my hands a lot of times already and they’re still intact- I think the label is not lying then that it will stay for 10 days.  Let’s see about that.  But upon reading Influenter’s statement on the information card, it says it lasts up to 1 week.  Hmmm.  Only time will tell.

Kiss Nail Dress is something good and useful when you go out and wants to have a fun vibe.  I like it really, my only concern is that the tips don’t get too friendly when say you touch your hair, or fabric.  Regularly, I will stick with my nail polishes and for special occasions, I will dress my nails in Kiss Nail Dress.  You have 21 styles to choose from.  Fun!

Kiss Nail Dress

I just bought two more Kiss Nail Dress a couple of days ago, for 50% off + Free Shipping via BeautyOnlineSupply.com You can use discount code VOXBOXHOL upon checkout.  Win-win-win!  We all should thank Influenster for this.  I got two more Kiss Nail Dress in Gown and Babydoll.  Yummy!

Kiss Nail Dress $6.99



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