Yay! 2 FREE Magazine Subscriptions Today!

Lovely day for me.  And I am as excited as ever- for those of you not in the know, I am magazine-addicted and if you are my friend who visited my house already, you can find piles and piles of magazines at home.  Currently, I am subscribed to about 10 titles every month and sometimes when I pass by the used bookstore, they also have stockpile of back issues there and I take home several titles too.  That’s how addicted I am.  And even now that we have digital subscriptions (I have tons of that in my Zinio library too), I still stick to my hard copies, smelling them while they’re new and just sitting in a corner and browsing the pages.  Oh, magazines!

There’s a lo of free stuff on the internet- particularly targets consumers in the USA.  For someone having a US-based address, I am free to order anything I see online and have them shipped to my US address.  And it is an advantage because with these freebies you can sign up for online, it’s win-win-win.

Now, off to my FREE magazine subscriptions today.

First is LUCKY Magazine.

My ultimate favorite.  I have been reading this one since early 2001, and still keeping up until now.  What I love about Lucky is that it’s very specific with the products featured in its magazine- since it is initially a shopping guide magazine, you are assured that a particular item is labeled its official name so when you look up online or call the brands’ hotlines, it is easier for them to locate the product for you and well, easier shopping for you as well.  That’s what I really love about Lucky.  Sections of the magazine include fashion, beauty, and on each issue they showcase new and interesting shopping websites, and a local shopping guide of a featured city in the USA, and sometimes from other countries.

I got my LUCKY subscription today via a website called MercuryMagazines.com  It’s basically a  free subscription platform for business magazines, you sign up for a particular title you are interested in, and every now and then, they have really win-win-win non-business titles you can add, or in my case, I got a $10 gift card to use on BlueDolphin-Magazines.com, which I think is their affiliate website.  There are a lot of magazines that are below the $10 yearly subscription range and my Lucky Magazine subscription was priced at $7.  Using my gift card, I got it for free, and the win-win-win part?  I still have $3 left in my gift card that I can use on future purchases.

Now a normal subscription fee for Lucky Magazine is around $12, and about $35-40 for international subscription.  So yes, I got a $40 magazine subscription absolutely for FREE.  Yey!  Happy happy.

Off to my second magazine subscription for the day:  ELLE Magazine.

I am a member of a website called Recyclebank, where it teaches us, people of the world mainly about recycling.  There are tons of information you can get from the website, and it is very interactive.  You can take quizzes, do little tasks at home, and in return, Recyclebank gives you points.  When you accumulate a certain number of points, you can redeem it to get free items, discount coupons, or again, in my case, I used my 190 points today to subscribe to ELLE Magazine.  It is that easy.  Visit Recyclebank today to sign up and start learning more about recycling and start getting your free subscriptions like me.

To signup for Recyclebank, you can use my referral link HERE so we can earn and learn together.  Happy browsing!



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