I REVIEW: CLEAN Fresh Laundry Body Soufflé


If you are keeping track of my previous posts, you might have seen my review of Australian Bush Uplifting Body Lotion.  Unfortunately, I ran out of supply and I have no way of getting my fix since the company’s in Australia and I don’t think they have shops here in the Philippines, or at least shops that carry their products.

Prior to using Australian Bush, I used CLEAN Fresh Laundry Body Soufflé.  And since it is more accessible for me, I ordered it again.

According to Clean Perfume’s website, Fresh Laundry Body Souffle is an indulgent, ultra-whipped body moisturizer.  And I have to agree on that.  It gives skin all day hydration with notes of Brazilian Orange, Night Blooming White Jasmine, and Cotton Blossom.

PRODUCT SOURCE:  I bought it online at StrawberryNet.com on sale for only $10, which is originally $26 for 6 fl. oz.

WHAT I LIKE ABOUT IT: The scent lingers on your skin, which is always a good thing in my book.  I love that it doesn’t leave your skin feeling sticky afterwards.

WHAT I DIDN’T LIKE ABOUT IT:  I love it, and I really can’t see anything that I don’t like from this lotion.  Now that we’re at it, I actually want to try the other offerings from CLEAN Perfume.  I browsed their website earlier and I see some other products I want to try.

VERDICT:  I love this body lotion.  When I ordered it online the first time not knowing how it smells and how it will feel on my skin, I risk it and bought it anyway.  And I don’t have any regrets- I reordered it after all!  Win-win-win!



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