BIRCHBOX, finally!

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I signed up to be on the waiting list for Birchbox about a month ago, and today I finally got an invitation which I am very happy about.  I’ve read that others actually wait longer, some even 3 months.  Wow.  I was actually debating with myself that if in case I won’t get any invites for this month from Birchbox yet, I will be subscribing to Ipsy first, which is also one of the front-runners when it comes to monthly beauty boxes.

Prior to even subscribing, I have been reading a lot about Birchbox already.  I tell you there are a lot of rants, but there are also those who love their boxes.  Personally, when I want something I do my best to research about that particular product- read the good reviews, and of course, take in consideration the bad comments as well.  But I guess sometimes, when you really like something, you tend to be bias and I think this is the case with me now.  I like the idea of Birchbox, it is the first beauty box subscription that I got familiar with, and I have been wanting to subscribe to it so here I am writing about it now.

For those of you who are not familiar with Birchbox, it is a monthly beauty subscription service that was founded in September 2010.  Upon subscription, you will be receiving one beauty box with about 5 sample-size products ranging from fragrances, to cosmetics, and I noticed they even include at least 1 single-serve food/snack sometimes.  Subscription is for $10 a month, you get a box, discover new products by different beauty companies and businesses and if you like the samples, you have the option of buying them direct from

Last year, they introduced Birchbox Man, which caters to the male audience.  It is more expensive though, which is $20/month in which in addition to grooming items, male subscribers will also receive lifestyle products like socks to tech accessories.

Birchbox Man

They also have a neat referral program, for every friend that you referred joins the program, they will give you 50 Birchbox points to use on their online shop.  In addition to that, you also get points for subscribing (10 points) and 10 points each for every item you review and post on their website.  100 points is equivalent to $10.  I love it.

To make it sweeter, why don’t you go ahead and signup using my referral link below:

Thank you lovely readers!  Let’s all be beautiful and happy.


DISCLAIMER:  This is a personal purchase.  I was not paid by Birchbox to write this.


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