I JOINED: Sole Society

Having my afternoon coffee right now, visiting one of my favorite websites ever: INFLUENSTER and stumbled upon Sole Society.  And what’s a shoe-addicted girl gotta do?  Sign up right away!  I have read about Sole Society in the past already, and even remember subscribing to their newsletter but boy, have they gotten really posh now!  I am in love!

Sole Society is a members-only site where you can have access to trendy shoes at surprisingly affordable prices.  The good thing about the website is that it’s very social, that means you can connect your Facebook, share and recommend styles to friends and the win-win-win part?  Follow curated collections of top fashion insiders like Julliane Hough, Jamie-Lynn Singer, and top bloggers like Alyssa Hertzig, Julia Engel, etc.

When it comes to shoes, I will either wear flats or super high heels.  Nothing in between.  So yes, that means no kitten heels for me, that style (actually) turn me off.  While browsing Sole Society‘s simple but very chic website, I fell in love with a lot of pieces.  Here are my top choices:


CLEO Chunky Heel Pump $59.95

JOSEPHINE Ballet Flat $49.95

ANASTASIA Peep Toe Heel $69.95

There are of course a lot more designs you can choose from, so go ahead, sign up at Sole Society and satisfy them shoe-cravings of yours.

Good news!  They also have a pretty neat referral program, wherein you will receive $25 worth of credits for each one who signs up and make a purchase.  So the more invites, the more $$$ you will get.  I am not compensated in any way by Sole Society but I am part of the referral program, so if you’re planning on purchasing new shoes, feel free to use my referral link HERE.  Thank you, and I will love you forever.




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