I REVIEW: Cheapie but Goodie Nail Polishes

New Year, New Adventures

When it comes to nail polish, I am more of the old school kind and will wear the usual suspects- nude, black, red, or natural.  But lately, I find myself really wearing more of the “other” colors.  And why not?  They’re fun, attention-grabbing, and gives you that light, young feeling.  Don’t you all agree?  That’s why I am really looking forward to receive my Holiday Vox Box from Influentser because some more “exotic” nail goodies are included in the package and I just cannot wait to try them.  Will also report on that once I get my package.  But first, my recent nail polish purchase totalling $2.  How fun is that?

From L to R: Caronia Nail Polish in Baby Pink PHP33.25 (US$0.81)
Caronia Nail Polish in Colorless PHP33.25 (US$0.810)
Chic Nail Color in Neon Yellow  PHP32.00 (US$0.78)

Admittedly, living in the Philippines on instances like this make me very thankful.  One, I can get a home service mani/pedi session for only $3, and you can grab a nail polish or two at the drugstore for less than $2.  Isn’t that win-win-win?

I also have to mention that my manicure and application of the polishes on these pictures were done by a paid manicurist.  I tried applying them myself but really got lame results.  With very cheap pricing, why not just have it done by a professional right?   I think that’s the downside of cheap polishes, or well- most cheap items in general.  When I did the application myself, I had to coat around 5 times to really cover my nails.  But the fun part of it is that, since they’re very affordable you don’t worry about applying and erasing them as much as you want.  And you can choose from a wide variety of colors as well.

Last month I also subscribed to a monthly subscription box called Julep, and I am also waiting for my first box to arrive, which again, I am very excited about.



3 thoughts on “I REVIEW: Cheapie but Goodie Nail Polishes

    • I’m really excited. Are you also subscribed to other boxes like Birchbox or Ipsy? I want to try Ipsy next, I signed up to be on Birchbox’s waiting list and I yet have to receive update from them. It’s been more than 3 weeks.

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