I REVIEW: Australian Bush Flower Essences Uplifting Body Lotion

I got this gift from an Australian friend last Christmas and I fell in love instantly.  One thing I love is discovering new and foreign beauty brands and Australian Bush Flower Essences did not disappoint.  From the handsome packaging, to the bottle, and of course, to the fruity/zesty smell and how it feels on my skin- win, win, win!  One great thing about the company also is that it’s GREEN on all aspects.

Now, to the good news and bad news:

Good news:  As mentioned earlier, everything about it is just great for me.  But what I love most about this lotion is the effect on my skin- really leaves the skin feeling fresh and soft after application.  I am a lotion girl, and I have used a lot that really are sticky and heavy after application (Hello AVON?) but this one gives me the right dosage of freshness and softness.  I am surely addicted.

Bad news:  I received it December 10 and today is January 04.  That means 25 days of usage and the bad news is, the lotion’s now gone gone gone.  For some information, I only use it in the mornings right after I shower- and well I just hoped it would have been longer than 25 days.  For the price of $25, I wish there was more content.  Oh, upon realization, $1 a day?  Ha!  But seriously, I just think that for that amount of money, they could have been more generous.  Oh well, maybe because it’s “organic” made it more expensive- which for most organic items, it’s pretty accurate.

Will I buy it?  Maybe.  I love this lotion in general, but the budget-girl in me is screaming maybe I should just wait for (another) gift instead of buying it.  I do not usually buy lotions on this price range really- one of my favorites Nivea is just around $5 for a huge bottle and I have been using it for years and not complaining.  So, perhaps if I get this one, it will be used mainly for special occasions- the price really makes it more special.

BUY HERE: Australian Bush Flower Essences Uplifting Body Lotion – AU$24.95 for 100ml 



3 thoughts on “I REVIEW: Australian Bush Flower Essences Uplifting Body Lotion

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