A Happy 2013!

Believe me, I am really not someone who write about resolutions, things I want to do differently for the new year, but for some reason I am really in the mood to do just that right now and here I am, sharing some of my personal goals for 2013 with you.  Perhaps this will be my guidance to at least remind me along the way, look back and realize I wrote this and will help me hold accountable to make them happen.

Without further ado, I present to you my Top 10 resolutions, and if in the mood just like me- feel free to post yours on the comment section below as well.

1.  Connect more with my parents.

They’re the first people I love, the leaders of our family and always there for me whenever I need some helping hand.  

2.  Take vitamins everyday + be more active.

In addition to my consistent medicines for my acid reflux issues, I believe that it is time I be more healthy and together with taking vitamins, I also will try and do more workouts.  Sweat baby!  

3.  Just say NO.

I’ve always been a pleaser, and I think that there are really instances that it is not worth it, and in the process stretching myself too thin.  

4.  Cook some more.

In 2012, it was my year of cooking and tons of food tasting.  And I want to keep doing that and more.  Cooking has become a very positive source of energy for me, and there’s really that joy knowing the people you cook for appreciate the effort, and more, appreciate the food.  

5.  Travel to England.  

This is very critical, and this is something I really want to happen this year.  That’s why I will do my very best to save money and hopefully I will finally go there this 2013.  Very personal reasons, and it’s a resolution that if in case it won’t happen this year, I will still goal to make it happen 2014.  That’s how I am serious with this one.  

6.  Travel with my baby boy.

He turned 5 last December- and I’ve always wanted and dreamed of taking him with me on my travels.  But I feel as if he’s still very young then to appreciate experiences he will encounter.  But now that he is older and asking more and more questions, I think it is finally the right time to explore with him.  Exciting!

7.  Clean my makeup brushes more often.

Very simple to do, but have been neglecting it for a long time.  It prolongs the life of my brushes, at the same time, preventing breakouts.  Win-win!

8.  DATE more often.

Admittedly, for a long time I have been neglecting the process of meeting new people again for possible relationships.  I have been single for almost 2 years now and I think, well maybe it is time to go out and meet new people again.  I mean, I am really not in the hurry to be in a very serious relationship right now, but I really like the idea of dating again.  I still know my priorities and plans.

9.  A better marketing plan for my online shop.

Prior to opening my shop in Etsy, I pictured a very easy way to make money online.  But right after posting my first few products, that’s when it hit me, it really is not easy at all.  Far from it!  So I will have to be more focused on it, give more time to the business and spread spread spread the word.  I have things lined up already on how I can eventually make it more popular and I am really being positive that it will be more fruitful this year.

10.  Be more consistent in writing here.

When I started this blog, I was only thinking of sharing two of my favorite subjects: travel and food.  But as time goes by, I realize it would be nice to be more personal- and decided to tackle other subjects other than my travels, and my food adventures.  So for this year and beyond, expect a wider range of topics.  


Note: Picture used is from Flickr.com


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