Shi Lin, Fort Bonifacio Taguig City

I am so sleepy right now, but my OC self is telling me to write first before I hit the sack so here I am, past midnight and still up trying to think what to put in here because basically I suck when it comes to storytelling- a lot worse in person.  I just don’t have that storytelling powers or maybe I am not just trying hard enough.  My lazy self always want it to be fast, but at the same time, informative.  I know I haven’t written here in a long long time and I actually feel guilty for not doing so.  I have a lot of pictures in my album waiting to be published, and it’s sad that I haven’t done that in a while.  So here goes…

Shi Lin is a Taiwanese restaurant in Fort Bonifacio, probably my favorite part of Metro Manila right now and will be for a long long time.  Addresses are so easy to locate, unlike majority of addressing format in the Philippines, The Fort (as the cool nickname) really nailed it.  Anyway, back to Shi Lin.

I fell in love with these ceiling decorations.  I simply love the color combination.  And very Asian I must say.

While waiting for my food, I was playing with my camera’s manual setting and I think this now belong to my favorites folder.  But my lens is still dirty though.  I neeeeed to find my lens cleaner.  I desperately wanna have it now.  Ugh!

Busy working, and busy talking too I guess.  I think it’s always a plus point when a restaurant sets up their place wherein you can see the cooks/chefs in action.

I was first served this noodles with braised beef soup (P248).  To really appreciate this one, make sure to experiment with your condiments, and pour them pepper, soy sauce, chili, vinegar, etc.  It will taste a whole lot better.  The beef was really good too.  So tender, and not chewy-ewy beef, if you know what I mean.

Followed by this delicious shrimp and pork dumplings (P148).

And some mushroom and vegetable dumplings (P148) that I really did not like too much.  It had that wasabi taste to it, and I am not really a big fan of wasabi.  I’ll order something else next time,

No.  I am not in a romantic dinner date or something.  There were just mosquitoes flying here and there and obviously the management noticed that and put the candles there.  For some explanation regarding the connection, read here.

An Italian businessman who also had his meal there came to me when they were leaving and asked if I’m a reporter or something.  Perhaps he was looking at me all throughout taking shots of my food all the time and he really just needed to find out what the hell I was doing.  Haha!  He told me the owner is actually there that moment.  Friendly fellow that Italian businessman who made effort to come talk to me, but the owner did not even smile when he passed by my table.  Hmmm

Generally, I’d eat there again and perhaps try the other choices on their menu.  It’s quite affordable and a meal for one head will average around P300-P500.  The staff were nice too.

Shi Lin, Fort Bonifacio
G/F Commercenter Bldg., 4th Ave cor 31st St
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
(0917) 740-8567


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