Photo Friday: RAW

Nagaparan is a small mountainous village in the town of Danglas, province of Abra, PHILIPPINES.  You either have to walk for about an hour to reach the place, or if brave enough, there are few passenger jeepneys delivering locals at least once a day up and down.   Years pass and now, locals have their own single motorcycles navigating the steep roads.  And when I was a kid, I had classmates from this village who walk back and forth everyday just to attend classes.  Talk about dedication and perseverance.



2 thoughts on “Photo Friday: RAW

  1. Beautiful photo! It’s funny how much I’ve taken these scenic views for granted when I was still living in Abra. Now that I’m thousands of miles away, all I could dream of is to go back and document them all. Thank you for sharing these wonderful images of home. I always come back to your blog to see if you’ve posted more 🙂

    • Hello Gracie,

      Thank you so much. I myself actually take for granted the views that we have in Abra, until recently I wanted to do more of this and that. It’s amazing to take pictures and when I post them on Facebook, fellow Abrenians who now live abroad always have a blast viewing them. 🙂

      I don’t feel too well today, been coughing like crazy since last night. Ugh! I hate being sick. I hope you’re well.


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