I Eat: Hainanese Fish Rice at Hai Chix & Steaks

Whenever I am in Singapore, I always make sure I have a good dosage of Hainanese chicken rice- be it for breakfast, lunch, or late dinner.  I think I will never get tired of it.  And then I heard this local restaurant offering fish rice, I got interested and I had to go there and try it.  I know, it isn’t chicken rice but it intrigued me that I really have to taste it.

Hai Chix & Steaks is a cozy Asian-fusion restaurant located inside the Metro Home Depot compound in Pasig City.  While you wait for your order, you can actually see the chefs cooking your food.  And ordering is pretty straight-forward as well: you pay as you order.

The fish is actually a cobbler- I am not a big fan of it and it tasted blah without the sauce.  The main act for me though was the rice- it was surprisingly good and I can say that it tasted just the same as the ones I had in Singapore.  Superb!  I will surely go back there next time, but instead of the fish, I am going to order the chicken rice and try a little comparison.  I also saw some other interesting items on their menu that I am gonna try as well.

Hai Chix & Steaks
Metro Home Depot, along Dona Julia Vargas, 1605 Pasig City


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