Moshi Moshi Japanese Restaurant, Quezon City

It was a rainy evening and I was feeling lazy to even get out of my room.  But I have to- mainly for two things.  I had a business meeting and I was all craving for some Japanese food.

Enter Moshi Moshi, a modern Japanese fast food restaurant in Katipunan, Quezon City.  The place was crowded when I got there.  Japanese university students, some teachers gathered after work, some loners (like me) and a whole other bunch of interesting characters.  I positioned myself in an area where I can see most of the people around me.  I love people-watching after all.

Pretty interesting water bottle.

I ordered their best-selling Bento Set (P320): with gyudon, chicken karaage, takoyaki plus unlimited serving of either milk tea or ice cream.  And my favorite part: shrimp roll made with fresh shrimp, mangoes, and generously topped with crunchy tempura bits.  I tell you, the set was oh-so-fulfilling and I had a happy tummy when I left the place.  I’ll definitely go back.



Shrimp roll

Chicken karaage

And some sweetness.

Menu 1
Menu 2

Moshi Moshi
2nd Floor, Regis Center Katipunan Ave.
Loyola Heights, QC


8 thoughts on “Moshi Moshi Japanese Restaurant, Quezon City

  1. Love the decor at this place (never been, so I’m judging it from your photos). The different shades of green is definitely a breath of fresh air. Well done capturing it. Oh and the food, I’m getting hungry just looking at them.

    • I don’t know, but for the past few days I have been craving Japanese food- tonight I had some again. Speaing of food, do you have any local favorites from Abra? Man, I loooove the longganisa and of course, bibingka. Yum! Now I am hungry again. 😀

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