16 thoughts on “Hagimit Falls, Samal Island

    • Hi Irene, thank you for dropping by my blog. You definitely should travel to this part of the world someday. It’s beautiful here. Have you been to Asia?

      • We did a round trip and went to Beijing, Xian, the Yangtse River (we did a cruise, there was no dam yet), to Shanghai, Chengdu, Chongjing and Hongkong in the end (it was still British then).

      • I haven’t been to Mainland China yet, only to Hong Kong and Macau. But I am thinking of going to Shanghai soon. Any recommended must do/see?

      • Awww. If there is one thing I don’t do on my travels, it’s group touring, unless really needed. I love the freedom of traveling alone or at least with someone I really know and meeting new friends along the way. So, any future travel plans for you?

      • at that time that was hardly possible to travel individually since they required you to have two tour guides – one that went with you the whole time and the other one local to make sure that the other one did not say anything that was political incorrect.

        Hm. No, at the moment I am loaded with work. Plus I am going to start my own service for tourists coming to Vienna at the beginning of August. I will show people the city as it really is not the regular tourist destinations like tourist cafés or restaurants which you can find in any travel guide.

        I wish I could travel though 😉

      • Oh that sounds like a great idea. I wish I can travel to Austria but airfare is sooo expensive right now. Good luck on your new business. Happy Thursday. 🙂

    • Hello Arianne. Hagimit is kinda tricky and you will need to hire someone to take you there. Going rate is about P400-P500, don’t settle for anything more than that. The driver will then take you to Hagimit Falls, the Monfort Bat Sanctuary and one resort (I didn’t bother going there since I’m already checked-in at one). The trip is usually around 3 hours, but according to my driver/guide, there was no time limit and he waited for me to finish roaming around. 🙂 I can give you my guide’s number if you want.

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